Monday, April 23, 2012

Discover Your Inner Wealth with this Week's Podcast Guest: Valery Satterwhite

Financial security is an integral part of the American Dream, and something that many people strive for their whole lives. They think if only they had more money, everything would be perfect. But what do you do when you have all the money in the world, yet all is not well in your world? You go to Inner Wealth Coach and Sports Psychology Coach, Valery Satterwhite. This Friday, Valery joins us to discuss her new book, Money Moxie: How to Transcend the Paradox of Privilege & Liberate Your True Worth.

With an empathetic yet non-nonsense voice, Money Moxie offers guidance on dealing with common human problems that have been compounded by wealth. Often stemming from the belief that they are only as valuable as their bank accounts, these problems manifest in an array of unhealthy behaviors, including eating disorders and addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex and plastic surgery.

Although people of means are the target audience, Money Moxie is an excellent and inspirational guide for anyone struggling to find their own true worth. It is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to tune in on Friday to hear Valery's personal story and groundbreaking work.

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