Friday, December 23, 2011

My Life with a Narcissist ~ Podcast Guest Sarah Tate

Writers in the Sky Podcast presents an interview with author Sarah Tate about her recently published book, Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist. The interview offers information about NPC (narcissistic personality disorder) and about the author's experiences publishing her work through CreateSpace.

About the Author 

Sarah Tate is a single mother living and working in Switzerland. She arrived in Switzerland ten years ago and apart from a brief stay in France, has remained ever since, as Switzerland has become her adopted homeland. Sarah has three young kids, who take up most of her time, but she still managed to find time to write her first book Web of Lies - My life with a Narcissist. The book is an auto-biographical novel which describes in graphic details, the ups and downs of life with a person who suffers from (amongst other things) narcissistic personality disorder. Web of Lies takes the reader on an emotional journey and gives a deep insight into what it's like to be sucked into the world of a disordered individual, and more importantly, how to escape with your sanity in tact.

Her second book, with the working title Renaissance - A Journal of Discovery, is a work in progress. It describes the road to recovery from narcissistic abuse, and charts the progress of Sarah and her children as they rebuild their lives following the breakup of the family, and slowly come to terms with the devastation caused by Sarah's ex. Her third book, In the Shadow of an Angel is a psychological thriller. It will be out next year.

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