Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Microsoft Word Feature and Keyboard Shortcut

Pressing Ctrl+F together will open a box that allows you to type in the word or exact phrase you are looking for. Click OK and Word will start from the point in your document where your cursor is located and find the next word or phrase that is exactly as you typed in the search.

To replace that word or word phrase, click the “replace” tab at the top of the search box and type in the word or phrase you want to substitute. Word will replace one at a time so you may review each change or all of the occurrences at the same time.

In this same search box, you may click on the “go to” tab and locate a particular page number. This is very useful if you have many pages to scroll through but you know that you want to be on a certain page. Just type in the page number and Word will take you there. This option is also accessed by Ctrl+G.

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