Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rock Your Business: Leverage, Package, & Market with Group Support!

This is the time to shake yourself out of excuses and limitations and rock your business. Over the last eight years of ACPI’s growth, I’ve seen coaching practices thrive; and I've seen new coaches become overwhelmed, and a few practices collapse. Why?

You enter the helping professions for the right reasons. Your natural talents, so perfect for coaching, teaching, counseling, or care-taking make a huge difference or serve people in an awesome way. You've learned powerful transformational strategies. Moreover you want to share those ideas with others. Therein lies the dilemma.
Does this sound like you? Most people in the helping profession are so passionate about the content they spend the majority of their time focusing on it. They fail to see that this content must be organized, packaged, structured and leveraged into an effective business model to consistently connect with your customers. Without this demonstrated business model, everything comes to a sudden halt. Why?
Without a proper business system, the numbers of people that you actually reach and the extent to which you connect with and eventually serve them remains small.
There are two simple reasons. First, you feel like you have to create new content consistently to be fresh and new. The second reason is the lack of leverage. You don’t use the principle of leverage, which is comprised of the system to re-purpose and package your content and the action can use those gifts to make a HUGE difference and have a thriving business along the way.
Wouldn’t you like to create a specific action plan so that you know exactly what you should be doing in your coaching business every day? Organize your overwhelmed mind into the system to leverage your expertise? The benefit to you is no worry, increased clients, and a larger income.
Dr. Caron Goode is offering “Leveraging Your Expertise & Expanding Your Incredible Presence” –a 6-month mentoring program for a unique group of six persons. The program starts September 1, 2011.
Leveraging Your Expertise is for more advanced business owners—visionaries and big thinkers who have business success and are ready to expand credibility and influence leverage with social media, packaged content, and marketing.
In this small group, you’ll be developing some specific skills:
 Developing content

 Packaging content in several forms

 Developing an E-book , a white paper or webinar, if you desire

 Engaging through social media
Mastering the principle of leverage is an extraordinary experience, and the nature of the training itself results in relationships that will last a lifetime. Your business will be transformed.
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