Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Entrepreneur Marketing to Inspire You, Not Tire You

By Dr. Caron Goode

Last week, a student in the ACPI coaching marketing class floored me with her praise, “Caron I have to say that your class inspires me, not tires me. I took a year-long marketing class at a prestigious business school last year, and I thought this marketing class would be the same old. I was wrong, your marketing mentoring is uniquely different...finding my passion and taking it forward. Just WOW!”

Language of Marketing Old

Her comment gave me cause to watch the words and sales of other marketing ezines I read. I noticed how subtly different my marketing mentoring program is in that does inspire as opposed to the language of my marketing email within the last 10 days, which asked these questions:

What problems are you solving?

Why aren’t you making a six-figure income?

Not working hard enough? Outsource what you hate!

Want to be a millionaire like me?

Of course I want all of those things, but I never sign up because the energy doesn’t feel like a compatible match. Here are my answers:

 Well, I’m not solving problems. I like inspiring people to solve their own problems.

 Well, I am making a six-figure income, I just don’t shout it to the world or belittle others who don’t have a six-figure income or tease them to find an easy way to do so.

 YES! I am outsourcing, and I still work long hours by choice – if enjoying your passion is work. I love it!

 Yes, I want to be a millionaire too, like everyone else who buys a lottery ticket a week (I don’t) because isn’t that the American myth and motivator. We can all see it and feel it.

Language of New Marketing

The marketing questions from other ezines are old school; they are based on being competitive.

Instead, The heart is where we start. I’d rather ask questions like . .

What does your heart tell you is true in this situation?

What is the possibility of you making a six-figure income? In what time frame?

What is working for you right now?

What is true and possible with these products?

You can learn any marketing system, but if you still aren’t focused on the “doing” aspect, you won’t move ahead. Marketing fatigue is doing all of it by yourself. Inspiration comes from high energy of group support and mentoring.

When seeking marketing information, we want role models to emulate, and we make our decisions from emotional compatibility. Do the following marketing principles resonate with you?

 Your self-esteem, not your mentor, is the foundation of your inspiration.

 Yet, we all need a buddy system or group support to keep focused on the work.

 Move beyond competition to seeking cooperative marketing efforts with a group that shares your values.

 Finding ways to take your expertise and wrap it like a Christmas gift for your clients and having partners to do it with is exceptional!

Leveraging Your Expertise & Expanding Your Incredible Presence
You’ll find Dr. Caron Goode’s mentoring programs unique, and an inspiring investment that results in products, group marketing, and master-mind friendships. If you have six-months and three hours a week to invest in grounding and solidifying your business with packaged content and social media marketing, then please visit

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