Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Editor's Corner August 2011

By Yvonne Perry
What a wonderful month—past two months actually. Two of my grandsons turned two years old and had fabulous birthday parties. Now we have all new toys to play with. Yay! No matter how old I get, I will never lose my love for children—I even act like one at times. Hopefully, that doesn't mean I'm child-ish, but that I'm child-like. Hahaha!

Speaking of children, I have completed the audio story album for The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children and these sweet stories are now available individually (99¢ each) or all 12 stories as one MP3 download ($8.99) on Amazon.com. Try a few for traveling with the kids this summer. I think you'll like the sound effects!

Two WITS team members have recently taken full-time jobs and are only available part-time. I hadn't planned to take on a new writer, but this occurred about the time I decided to take a sabbatical from working with clients. (I want to focus more on my spiritual endeavors.) I had a student enroll in my 6-week freelance writer training program. After reviewing her work and professionalism, I realized she was highly skilled and well prepared to work well with clients. So, please welcome Tracey Brackett to the Writers in the Sky team.

One of the things I'm focusing on is organizing "Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth" to be conducted all four Tuesdays in September 2011. The purpose of this telesummit is to help people understand the science of the Earth's shift in consciousness as we approach 2012 and how this is affecting all people—especially empaths. A panel of eight experts will give tips for getting free from detrimental energy and staying joyfully clear. Sign up at http://live-spirit.com/empathytelesummit or read more about the free event and the expert panelists at http://dld.bz/adU8s

Yvonne Perry,
Owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

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