Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poetry Corner March 2010

Write It Out

Write out the memories
write out the pain
write out confusion
and blot out the stain

Write out the hurt
and the heartache and stress
write out the love
and the tenderness

Write out the feelings
that no one has known
write out the fears
and the hopes that have flown

Write out the nightmares
write out the dreams
sew up the broken heart
tear out the seams

Write out the tortures
that ravage your soul
write out the passion
that makes you feel whole

Write out the people
who tear at your heart
write out the friendships
that make a new start

Write out emotion
and yearning and yen
write out your life
and then write out again

Melissa Kesead Author of the Walter the Dreamer Series www.melissakeseadpublishing.com

My Old-Timey Road

I’m so lucky to live on my old-timey road.
Oh, the things that I see and the people I know.

Border collie waits while his best friend takes a run,
When the dog’s in the yard, I know I’ll see the man.

Two girls practice cheer-leading, and wait for their bus.
Right behind them, dear daddy keeps watch from his truck.

Little old couple fix their yard for holidays;
Christmas lights, pumpkin heads, bright red hearts, Easter eggs.

It’s doggie in the yard and Daddy in the truck.
Precious little couple hanging lights in their trees.
I’m so lucky to live on my old-timey road.
Oh, the people I know and the sights that I see.

Jan Bossing © 2010

All Night Long

You’ve been sitting in your lonely room
Staring at an empty wall,
Waiting silently and wondering
If you should or shouldn’t call.

Now it’s late and you still hesitate
To pick up the telephone.
Don’t you worry; you can take your time.
I’ll be waiting all night long.

I hate it when we disagree and
You storm out in rage
Leaving me to search my empty soul
Like a tiger in a cage.

And your words keep running through my head
Like some long-forgotten song,
When all I want to do is hold you near
And love you all night long.

Maybe I should just forget my pride
And the hurtful words you said.
I just need you back here in my arms
Before I go out of my head.

We need to make this go away.
I don’t care who’s right or wrong.
Everything I have I’ll gladly give
Just to hold you all night long.

More lyrics from Rhythmic Notions by Dennis S Martin
Website: www.iwritesome.com
Blog: www.iwritesome.blogspot.com


Cold and hard
your body
the table they’ve laid you on
Skin mottled and blue
reminds me of Italian marble
the foyer of Michael Donato’s house
that you built when I was nine
A year-and-a-half of chemotherapy
They said you had six months

Navy blue suit
from a store you wouldn’t be caught dead in
Not blue jeans
faded and torn at the knee
Not the Notre Dame sweatshirt
I gave you at nineteen
I was never a fan

Black wing tip shoes
polished like brass
look brand new
Not sneakers stained green by the grass
with no laces
easier to slip on and off
and leave by the door

I lean close and inhale
Familiar scent of Safeguard
fills my lungs
You read Green Eggs and Ham
in a voice low and soothing
small child on your lap
I fall asleep against your sweater

Evelyn T. Kalinosky

As Founder & CEO of Evelyn Kalinosky LLC, Evelyn’s coaching practice specializes in helping high-level women executives 40 and older who want to achieve a more sacred kind of success. She is currently writing a book about women navigating through midlife, and is a speaker, author and poet. Visit her at http://www.evelynkalinosky.com/.

Shades of Brown and Beige

I weave in shades of
brown and beige, earthy tones
in ecru and fallow, sienna
and raw umber; a serene canvas
to offset the tumultuous flow
of coppery auburn and
bittersweet sepia-tinged hue.

It once held black and white,
brilliant splashes of red and gold,
purple warmth and variegated shades –
the tapestry a vivid fusion, overwhelmingly
suffocating with its weight.
The colors still call to me;
the palette not yet clean.

I incrementally lose myself in shadows of brown and beige.

Pamme Boutselis is a writer from Litchfield, NH. She is a regular contributor to The Telegraph daily newspaper and other publications, a former admin of two poetry sites, and the director of programs and content for TrackAhead.com, an education and career focused social network.

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