Thursday, March 11, 2010

Network with Us March 2010

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Greetings, Friends and Colleagues! I invite you to read my new blog, Recipe For Life. I am very excited about this new direction with my writing, and wellness coaching and Reiki will soon follow. Please enjoy and share with others, if you feel like doing so. Love and Blessings, Barb Hunter

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Need help with using Twitter? Check out Dana Lynn Smith's Twitter Guide for Authors.

Accomplishments by Velda Brotherton

In March, two of my books will be published by two different small presses.

First is The Boston Mountains: Lost in the Ozarks from Old American Publishing - a compilation of stories from lost communities of the Boston Mountains. These come from interviews and research over the past ten years or so. Last summer my husband and I visited these lost communities to take photos and make sure they are accessible. Included in the book are directions to each site. The stories tell how people settled in Arkansas when the Territory was opened to white settlement in 1828, how they lived, worshiped, worked and played in the remote wilderness of the rugged Arkansas Ozarks. The book contains 137 photos, some very old.

The second book is Arkansas Meals and Memories from Goldminds Publishing - a combination of 150 authentic Boston Mountain recipes and menus for two full weeks plus special foods for Dinner on the Ground during Decoration and all other holidays. Interspersed throughout the recipes are stories of growing up in the Ozarks, some as told to me by others, some my own experiences as a child living in these beautiful mountains. Many of the recipes come from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother collected over the years and passed down to me by my mother. Others are from some of the greatest cooks in Arkansas, women who were born and raised here and learned to cook on wood cook stoves.

The Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest is open to anyone who loves expressing innermost thoughts and feelings into the beautiful art of poetry or to write a short story that is worth telling everyone! And to all who have the ability to dream. Write a poem or short story for a chance to win cash prizes. All works must be original.

Announcing our new series: The Writing Show Slush Pile Workshop

The Writing Show announces a new podcast series designed to help you practice capturing readers’ attention: “The Writing Show Slush Pile Workshop.” Inspired by literary agent Kristin Nelson’s two-page pitch sessions, Writing Show host Paula B. and freelance editor Ann Paden will play agent and comment on your anonymous submissions on the show.

We’re sure you know by now how important it is to hook a prospective agent or publisher in your first couple of pages. But if you send your work out before it’s ready, you could squander an important opportunity. Don’t risk it. Try your material out on us first—for free!

For more information, see

To All Literature Lovers in the New York City or Nearby Area

Irene Brodsky is teaching a literature class Spring semester 2010 at Brooklyn College City University of New York. The name of her class is "Plato - Trial and Death of Socrates" and is being held every Thursday from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. in 503 Whitehead Hall. Thanks to Abe's Books, we have textbooks for only $1 each. And we are also planning a class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the famous paintings of Socrates and have tea/coffee afterwards. Registration for my class is at 3160 Boylan Hall. For more info or travel directions to the college, please call (718) 951-5697.

Focus + Meaning + Choice = Your Desired Experiences

Is it time to learn how to more effortlessly have desired experiences in your life as a writer? Let the 4-week Reinvent Yourself coaching program or e-book of the program materials show you how. You Are More! Empowerment Coach and author Joyce Shafer ( Details at

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