Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Editor's Corner March 2010

Welcome to another issue of Writers in the Sky E-zine. We are one month closer to spring and to celebrate, we have decided to put together a blog chain for St. Patrick’s Day. Would you like to join us for a round of blogging March 11 through 17?

A blog chain involves about a dozen people who have a blog and want to participate in a fun group activity. Each participant visits the blog of every person on the chain within one week of being sent the list of URLs. When visiting each blog, participants read and comment on one post they find interesting. When you leave a comment on the other eleven blogs you will in turn receive eleven comments on your own blog. And, the search engines smile upon you because this kind of activity increases your blog's popularity and raises its ranks in search engines.

When linking blogs, it’s a good idea to connect with ones that are similar in theme or subject matter. If you have a blog with a “green” environmental focus, or one about leprechauns (or any magical being), springtime, beer, or anything to do with St. Paddy’s Day, let us know and we'll include you in this fun activity and help you promote your blog and writing. You may sign up for the next blog chain by selecting "WITS Special Event" when you use the contact page of our Web site.

If you missed “The Insiders Guide to Getting a Book Deal” with Stephanie Gunning, you may listen to the
recorded call on how to get a book deal now:

Stephanie Gunning is a bestselling author, editor, and publishing consultant with over 25 years of experience in the book business. Her Get a Book Deal Coaching Program is a powerful proven system that she strategically developed from her background as a senior acquisitions editor at Bantam-Doubleday-Dell and editor at HarperCollins Publishers, and her subsequent career helping create, place, and market books for dozens of non-fiction writers, including New York Times and national bestselling authors Gregg Braden, Arielle Ford, Ruby Payne, and Hale Dwoskin, among others.

During our call, Stephanie shared some valuable information and answered questions about the following:

* What makes an author or a book concept attractive to a publisher?

* The way publishers run their numbers when deciding how much to pay an author for a book project they want to acquire

* Book advances and book contract * Does it help to have an agent? If so, how do you find the right one?

* How does a publishing consultant differ from an agent?

* Why you need to write a book proposal

* Why you should never pay literary representatives money to read for you

She also mentioned the association of author’s representatives, a database where you can search for a literary agent by genre of literature. That Web site is http://www.aaronline.org/Find . Only qualified agents are listed.

Want to Get a Book Deal in 2010? Stephanie will work one-on-one privately to coach you to help create your book proposal.

I appreciate your contributions and thank Barbara Milbourn for proofreading this month's e-zine.

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