Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Podcast Schedule December 2009

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December 4

WITS author’s assistant Sarah Moore will sit down with Ed Benjamin to discuss his new book, Cash in on Obama’s $3 Trillion Spending Plan! The book details the many ways in which members of the general public can submit proposals for contracts and requests for grant money with the federal government. Mr. Benjamin has decades of proven success in writing contracts for the government and now shares his detailed advice with readers. In this interview, Ed Benjamin will be discussing his professional background, how he hopes readers will use the book, and the various possibilities for making money from the government.

December 11

Writers in the Sky welcomes back Dawn Menge to the podcast on December 11. She will be discussing her second children’s book, Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains. The first book, Queen Vernita’s Visitors, earned Dawn first place in the children’s category of the 2009 EVVY Awards. In the follow-up release, Queen Vernita takes her friends to various locations at which they learn about the beauty of nature while continuing to teach young readers important calendar skills. During the interview, Dawn will be sharing how she did the research for her book, what she hopes children will take away from the book, and what is in store next.

December 18

WITS owner Yvonne Perry has a conversation with Allison Maslan, a leading life and career coach to discuss Ms. Maslan’s new book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality. In this book, readers will find the encouragement and skills they need to realize their professional and personal goals. Allison Maslan brings her twenty-five years of experience as an entrepreneur and a life coach to the plan she developed in Blast Off! Allison will be sharing how her own successes and failures contributed to the concepts in the book, how readers can use the material to improve their own lives, and how she is marketing her work. To get a launch reminder, learn more about Blast Off!, and enter Allison's contest, see

December 25

Christmas Day brings the last podcast interview of 2009 when WITS welcomes Michael Thompson to discuss his new novel Blood Betrayal. This suspense novel focuses on the character, Dimitri Magnussen, and the possibility that he murdered his own young son during a hunting trip. During an investigation that involves Dimtri’s family and former commanding officer in the Special Forces, the psychology behind this man proves to be more complicated than it first appears. Michael Thompson brings his own background as a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and experienced hunter to his first novel. He will be discussing what sparked his interest in writing, how his military experience contributed to the development of the novel, and what is in store next for this series of books.

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