Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Editor's Corner December 2009

I find it unbelievable how fast this year has gone by. A new year and a new decade will be here before we know it. I won't say anything about goals for the new year. Instead, I'll let my article about Allison Maslan's book launch and contest speak to you about HOW to start making positive changes to create the best decade of your life. Take a peek at her awesome Blast Off! Countdown Contest, too.

Yes, 2009 has been a terrific year for me personally as well as for Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. I've been blessed with four new grandsons and many wonderful clients AND I published The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children, which *ahem* by the way would make a great holiday gift for a child or teacher! Life is good!

The Sid Series book tour is still going on, so if you missed the first half, go to http://tinyurl.com/SidTour and catch up on all the great articles about how and why I wrote the book, how I published it, and how I'm marketing it. Also see videos and flipbooks, listen to audios, and read a stories about Sidney's mystical gifts. The stops for the next two weeks are posted there as well. If you purchased The Sid Series and did not get your free coloring book, please let me know and I'll send it to you right away.
Any author who would like to see a good example of how to operate a virtual blog tour will not want to miss the instructional posts on my book marketing blog: http://onlinepromotionmadeeasy.com/.

Beginning December 26, I'll be sponsoring a children's art showcase. I am looking for original work by children (ages 3 through 9) that demonstrates a lesson learned by reading The Sid Series. This is NOT a contest. I don't believe children should be judged or rejected for their heart-felt creativity. Instead, every effort will be recognized and everyone's work will be included in an e-book . Every participant will get a free copy of the e-book we create as an artistic community. Spending time with my grandson has provided an opportunity to talk about some pretty “adult” topics—some that many parents and teachers are hesitant to discuss with children. By sharing the stories in The Sid Series through this art showcase, I hope to reinforce and enhance these and other life lessons, and help open lines of communication between children and adults. I will post more information on our writing blog: http://yvonneperry.blogspot.com/.

Thank you, Barbara, for proofreading this month's newsletter. Thank you to all our readers who contribute material for this publication. Sarah Moore and Barbara Milbourn are the WITS writers and editors who assist authors and publishers with getting books ready to go to press. Those we work with become part of the WITS network and we are pleased to feature their books on our site.

If someone forwarded this e-zine to you or if you happened to have stumbled upon this Web page, you may get your own subscription for free!

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