Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Poetry and Prose Corner March 2014

Winds of Change

Seasons come,
Seasons leave,
Rides the cresting winds of change,
Carries proud her sweet bouquet,
Feasts on a chameleon moon.

She speaks with fervor,
Flaunting favor,
Dives and drives the heart to fever
Til the rushed and flushed
Believe her maddening crush of platitudes.
Banking off her promised boon,
The soft caress of her sweet tune,
The mesmerizing mantra swoons
A ripening of attitudes.

But time keeps marching,
Never still.
Seasons shift and rearrange,
And Mother Earth, her architect,
Breathes life into the winds of change.

Dennis S. Martin
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Tear drops

By Brenda McBride

Let your tear drops flow, one by one as you release your sadness from deep inside.....
Your tear drops will cleanse you from within, from the sorrow and pain that you hide.....
Let each tear dissolve your hurt, like a snowflake that melts
quickly from the warmth of the sun.....
Getting rid of pent up emotion is essential for healing, so don't
hold back, better days have just begun.....
I've cried an ocean full of tears from grief that took a hold of me and didn't want to let go.....
My tear drops flowed frequently as the days and months went by, into the years......
My pain was still harbored inside as the days turned into nights of sorrow beyond belief.....
I cried enough tears of a lifetime, and still cried some more, without stopping, hoping for relief.....
Until, I finally realized, I may cry til the end of time, if that helps release my sorrow of my dad’s passing, which still
haunts me even today.....
Then so be it, I'll let the tears flow some more, until my heart stops hurting, on one fine day.

Brenda McBride lives in Temecula, California with her two teenage girls and is a substitute teacher working with Special Education students. Several of her articles and poems have been published in various magazines throughout the last several years. When her father passed away in 2011, her grief became so unbearable that she began writing to release deep emotions. There's not a day that goes by without the thought and beautiful memories shared with her wonderful dad.

American Made

Hong Kong, Taiwan,
India, Japan,
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,
Paris, Pakistan.
Leaps and bounds the trend resounds,
Increases every day.
Wondering why products don’t say
Made in U S A.

Bedfellows in politics or
Just good business sense.
Doesn’t seem to be a way to
Build a strong defense.
Shouldn’t be this difficult to
Find a place to trade
Where the label proudly indicates
“American made.”

Sure, it’s cheaper,
That’s no sleeper.
Can’t compete with that.
But the secret, hidden deep,
Comes slinking like a cat.
Tucked inside the silent storm
A deeper price is paid.
Shelter dwells inside these words –
American made.

Dennis S. Martin
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