Friday, March 7, 2014

Photographic Illustration, Part 2: Inspiration!

by Deborah Wilbrink

Photos can inspire your writing. And then you have a bonus when it’s time to publish. Illustrate the writing with the photo that inspired it. It’s a win-win circle, especially if it’s an original photo like your original text.

We work on whimsical at Cloud 9, our home. So I cooked this happy face breakfast and enjoyed it enough to take a photo. It could easily generate a blog, poem, cookbook, or story. When in Rome . . . this ancient statuary gleamed in the dusk. Sobering thoughts of justice, war, and peace arise when I view it. It stands alone, or with photo-shop effects you can take it many directions.

For a fun Creative Writing exercise, spread out your photos, an art gallery view, or magazine clippings. Choose one. Use it to create a story as an imaginative exercise. Describe it using words that evoke the senses for another activity. Use an image with people to imagine back-story for characters: what happened before this shot? Add depth to your writing and predict with your photo, foreshadowing: what happens after this shot? Are there symbols in it that predict a future event or conflict?

How about this shot of a man biking past an alluring window dressing? It reminds me that taboos create reactions; while airing one’s lingerie just makes it normal. How does it speak to you?

Pay attention this week to the images that are normal – frame them in your mind, shoot them and be inspired. Your illustrations can be integral to your finished book, not just an enhancement. See last months’ issue for Part 1 on how to illustrate cheaply, easily and legally.

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