Friday, July 19, 2013

Eliminate Writer’s Block in 4 Easy Steps

Think You Have Writer's Block? It May Just Be “Chakra Block”!

By Denise Demaras

As a writer, artist and holistic coach, I focus on things that affect creativity, as it is a marker of overall health. Recently I've been looking more closely at the role the chakra system plays in our health and creativity. The chakra system, when balanced, open and in sync allows for a creative and love-filled life experience as we function from our center and highest self. Life can feel inspired, divine and guided.

On the other hand, when the chakras are imbalanced, everything--including our relationships, physical health, and creativity--suffers. That book or painting goes unfinished because it feels like an exercise in futility. Our questions go unanswered because we are blocked by excuses and negative self-limiting beliefs. We look to others for answers that will never suffice for our own unique expression. There are seven major chakras and each play an integral, separate yet related, part in our life experience and our health.

In our first--or root--chakra, we find our foundation for life. This determines our physical needs in this three-dimensional realm. We respond to life experiences from an unbalanced root chakra when we react from the “survival mode”. Life revolves around whether there is “enough”, whether it be money, food, love, and so on. It can show up in your relationships when the concern is what the other is doing for you; or in your professional life as for example, wanting to be an artist and being afraid that you cannot make a living being an artist. Often these beliefs are under the surface, undermining relationships or keeping you from selling your work, paintings or books. It’s simple; your brain computes self-limiting beliefs that program your life experience - always running in the background and interrupting the field of unlimited possibilities in life.

When the root chakra is balanced, we are able to live more realistically, fearlessly and focused. We are grounded in the ways of the world on a physical level and that converts to stability, certainty and physical strength. We have healthy boundaries, know we can survive and are not limited by excluding or labeling people, cultures, or religions - all of life is there for us to use in order to create our own unique way.

You can ferret out these limiting beliefs and “uninstall” them by watching your thoughts and behavior. Observe yourself, your thoughts, before you act. Listen to the thoughts that dismiss your desires, happiness or creativity. For example, if you learn of a dream job opening, and hear yourself think, “Oh, they would never choose me for that.”, or ”If they hire me they'll probably fire me when they see I am not good enough”, and so on. The same is true in your love relationships. Do you find yourself staying single because you think, “I'm not good/smart enough for him/her?” Or are you afraid it won't work out and you'll be hurt or fooled again? If so, you are in perpetual survival mode; living on high alert and always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

When you believe self-limiting thoughts, you prevent life from being the expansive, love-filled, passionate, creative and joyful existence it is meant to be. Step out of duality and fear by balancing your root chakra. To open up this chakra, break through your writer's block, enjoy deep love, passion and enthusiasm for life, try this:

Breathe: This slows down the mind naturally and relaxes the body-mind-spirit so that you can see your life in the moment with clarity and ease.

Gratitude: Focus on what you have with appreciation, rather than what is missing.

Acceptance: It is all good - your circumstances are in your life for your own development.

Journal: recording your thoughts, whether on a notepad, iPad, or phone helps to uncover self-limiting beliefs.

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