Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Editor's Corner July 2013

Welcome to July 2013 issue of the WITS Newsletter!

Recently, I watched Limitless, a movie about a writer whose life is going nowhere fast. A talented but defeated man, he has a book contract, but has not written one word of his novel. With the bills mounting and an angry agent breathing down his throat, he is one step from eviction and, even worse, obscurity. Then a chance meeting with an acquaintance presents him with an irresistible opportunity: a pill that allows him to tap into his “limitless” potential. This pill brings to the forefront of the mind every memory, every piece of knowledge he has ever acquired. More importantly perhaps, it dissolves all fears, insecurities, and “what if” negative thinking. In other words, it does what metaphysical people have been trying to teach us for centuries: it eliminates the mind chatter that distracts from our goals, leaving perfect clarity and focus. Of course, it’s downhill from there, with the usual Hollywood-style murders, mayhem, and political corruption.
I sat there, fascinated (and distracted from my own work!) as he finished his book, became fluent in five languages and made millions in the stock market, all in less than a week. If only such a pill existed! As the end credits rolled and I floated back down to earth, I realized I had not been so affected by a film since the Matrix. Both contemplate the possibility of manipulating our reality and stretching our limits (albeit artificially) beyond anything currently possible. What if we could simply shed our fears? What if we recognized each obstacle as a mere illusion? Imagine what we could accomplish then, even without the pill or the computer program. I invite you to try it the very next time you are sitting in front of that blank computer screen. I did, and if nothing else, it’s certainly making things more interesting.

Happy Fourth of July, folks, and as always, happy writing!

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Writers in the Sky is a team of ghostwriters, editors, and book marketing specialists committed to the craft and business of writing. We work with our clients on all levels of the publishing process from editing and manuscript assessments to book formatting and marketing. So whether you are a first-time author or a veteran of the craft, let Writers in the Sky help you get your book out into the world. We also provide assistance with résumés, business documents, and academic essays. For more information, visit www.writersinthesky.com.

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