Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Editor's Corner May 2013

Welcome to the WITS May Newsletter! As you know, at Writers in the Sky, we like to mix the literary with the metaphysical; and oftentimes, I wind up learning more from my clients—and Yvonne Perry!—than I could in any spiritual growth class! So this month I would like to honor that by sharing some of that knowledge with you.

We have all experienced writer’s block at one time or another; indeed, I have often written about it here (usually when I am ‘blocked’ myself!). I have also tried to offer some tips—taking a break from your writing, clearing your mind by doing something fun—to help your creative juices start flowing again. This is where the metaphysical part comes in.

Recently, artist, writer, and holistic coach Denise DeMaras told me about her latest project: writing about the chakras. Her current focus is the throat chakra, which controls, among other things, our ability to communicate with the world and connect with our own intuition.

Denise provides more in-depth advice on her website; suffice it to say that when your throat chakra is blocked, all forms of communication are affected—including written communication! The next time you are staring at a blank screen or page, think about why. Do you have a difficulty expressing yourself to other people—perhaps a fear of judgment? It is also time to start considering what it true for you, because above all else, your writing should reflect your identity as writer and as a person.
I hope you have found this information as enlightening as I have. Just don’t forget, in the midst of all this introspection, to enjoy the spring!

Dana Micheli
Writer and editor, Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

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