Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poetry and Prose Corner December 2012

The First Step

by Denise Demaras

I read a Greek Proverb today
It said the beginning is half of the way.
I know for myself this is true,
And how scary that first step is to do.
Feel the fear and do it any way
You'll find it's easier each and every day.
Reach for the stars to let your dream fly
Take that first step and touch the sky.

Denise Demaras, an L.A.-based Artist, Author, Publisher and Holistic Health Coach.
Her new new book, Heal From Your Heart With Breath, Rhyme and Art instructs people how to rid their lives of physical and spiritual pain through a variety of meditation and healing techniques.

…And It’s Christmas

It’s reindeer on rooftops,
It’s cocoa and cream,
It’s dewdrops and gumdrops
And sugarplum dreams,
It’s carolers caroling
Sounds of the season.
Do-gooders doing good
For no good reason.
…And it’s Christmas

It’s Santa and elves
Waiting perched at the mall
With Eddie and Adeline
Watching in awe,
It’s crimson and candy canes,
Emeralds and diamond rings,
Lollypops, presents and
All kind of wondrous things.
…And it’s Christmas.

It’s angels with halos and
Good will toward men,
A grand celebration of
Family and friend,
It’s eggnog and candlelight,
Star-topped trees twinkling bright,
Praises to Heaven that echo the night.
…And it’s Christmas.

Dennis S. Martin
Lulu Storefront: http://www.lulu.com/dsmartin
Plays: http://sites.google.com/site/playsbydennissmartin/

No Boundaries

By Bill Sawyers

There are no boundaries of life in this age;
Just open your mind of empty space.
Learn the knowledge of wisdom through school and books;
As you just can’t depend on your looks.
Use your best judgment to follow through.
The future is upon us,
It’s all up to you.
If you reach a dead end,
Then start over again.
A day is a day; a year is a year;
Time is one thing you shouldn’t fear.
You will succeed one of these days
What ever goal you’re trying to reach
I’ll wish you luck, as this is the way;
Just try to make the best of your day.

Bill Sawyers is an author and poet that has been writing for many years. He has written three children’s books and the book proceeds benefit three schools in the Concord, California area. http://freewebs.com/william2233

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