Friday, July 13, 2012

Healing is Beautiful

By Dana Micheli
Like most artists, Denise DeMaras is inspired and sustained by the beauty she sees in the world; this is apparent in the vivid colors of her paintings and the moving verses of her poetry. And, like most artists, she is also well aware that the act of creating brings one a sense of peace, clarity, purpose and connection. What sets her apart is how she utilizes this awareness as a self-healing practice. For years she has taught others how to incorporate beauty and creativity into their own healing process; and now her book, Heal from Your Heart, With Breath, Rhyme and Art teaches readers new and traditional self healing practices to effect a holistic mind/body/heart transformation.

This introductory guide illustrates a series of easy to follow practices that have at their core mindful breathing. Breathing exercises are absolutely critical to quiet the mind, balance the body, and center the heart, which are essential to purging painful memories that can manifest as physical ailments or prevent inner peace. These memories can also leave what Denise refers to as “residue” on the heart, leading to dysfunctional relationships, a lack of confidence, balance, and self-esteem.

Heal from Your Heart is also a deeply personal account of Denise’s own journey to self-healing. From an early age, her life was marked by dramatic changes and family upheavals that left her with an often stifling fear and profound pain. However, instead of allowing it to control her life, Denise used it to fuel her search for new innovative ways to clear her mind, heart and body of negative emotions. For the next two decades, she not only studied ancient techniques such as yoga, meditation and chanting, but invented new methods to clear resistance, construct healthy boundaries and effect healing.

One of these methods, Rhyme to Heal®, is a fun, simple, and effective practice that Denise created while recovering from a 2010 car accident. Rhyming clears the mind and reveals and reduces stress, anxiety, fear and pain to allow personal understanding and deep, heart-centered healing. It is also a fun exercise, with none of the pressure that people often feel when they begin traditional practices like meditating. Experience has shown her that everyone is unique, and each has an inner artist to lead the way to healing emotional pain through the creative process. For some this is painting, for others crafts, but anyone can learn to purge their thoughts and feelings through the creative, self healing practice of rhyming.

Heal from Your Heart with Breathe Rhyme and Art will be released in September 2012. To learn more about Denise Demaras’ work as an artist and Self-Healing Coach, visit or follow her @mindfulmusing

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