Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Giants Try Power Grab on new Dot BOOK domain

Scott Lorenz with Westwind Communications told me about a great article regarding the DOT BOOK domain name power grab on Galley Cat In case you have not heard, ICANN is going to give someone the rights to the domain DOT BOOK (Like .com or .net but it’ll be .book)

Amazon, Google, BOWKER etc have filed a claim as to why THEY should be the one company that gets to own that domain. Imagine if someone owned DOT COM. Would that be crazy? Well that’s what they are proposing with DOT BOOK. Mike Cane wrote an incredible story read about it here:
Here are Scott’s comments on ICANN’s SITE: regarding DOT BOOK domain
Giving DOT BOOK to one firm is yet another example of the people who already have a monopoly on something about to be given another sure thing for no good reason.
Nobody needs to own DOT BOOK its as stupid as granting ‘ownership’ to GM for DOT CAR WHY??? The DOT BOOK domain needs to be killed or owned and used by everyone just like DOT COM. All of the applicants already have a large piece of the book market and this is just a play to best the competition under the guise of serving the public. There is no logical reason to grant anybody the rights to DOT BOOK as they surely will not be responsible to anyone but themselves.

Bottom line: Kill DOT BOOK or make it available to everyone... like the creators of the books... #authors and #writers

Scott Lorenz
Westwind Communications

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