Friday, March 2, 2012

Could There Be More to Reality Than What We Can See?

Angels & Higher Dimensional Healing with Author Gaetano Vivo & Leading Experts

Could wise and wonderful beings speak to us from beyond this world to help reveal our true potential?

That's one of the questions author and Reiki Master Gaetano Vivo asked, when he was just a child. When Gaetano was a little boy growing up in Italy, he had visions of Angels who offered him support and guidance. Their gentle words helped him answer many of the questions he had about life. These Angels told him about higher dimensional realms, about healing, and about consciousness in ways his young mind was able to comprehend. But whenever he tried to speak about these things with adults, especially in Gaetano's ultra-conservative social environment, they usually became upset. As a result, his connection to the Angels was put aside as he tried to play by the rules of "normal" society.

But when he grew up and became able to make his own decisions, he had a powerful desire to find out more about what the Angels had taught when he was little. He studied as much as he could about higher dimensions. He learned many healing modalities, and became a Reiki Master. He taught others all he learned.

Then, a few years ago, new Angels returned to Gaetano, bringing him deeper insights that would take him to the next stage of his understanding of higher dimensional realms and our relationship with them. These insights became the foundation of his book Messages from the Angels of Transparency: powerful words from gentle souls. Originally published in Italian, this brand new English translation of Message from the Angels of Transparency published by O-Books is having its official Amazon launch on Tuesday March 20th, 2012.

To celebrate the launch of this new translation, Gaetano is presenting an uplifting 3-day telesummit with a panel of world-renowned experts on the subject of higher dimensional realms, consciousness and healing. It's FR*EE to attend:

Accessing Higher Dimensions
March 13th, 14th and 15th, 2012
12noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 8pm UK
Register FR*EE at

Here's the line-up of guest panellists for this event:

Gaetano Vivo - Reiki Master, channeler, author of Messages from the Angels of Transparency: Powerful Words from Gentle Souls
Lynn Serafinn - Coach; marketer; author of The 7 Graces of Marketing and The Garden of the Soul
Wayne Kealohi Powell - holistic health educator, speaker, minister, author
Dr Jude Currivan, Ph.D. - cosmologist, planetary healer, author, futurist
Asia Voight - intuitive counsellor, animal communicator, teacher, author
Barbara Meiklejohn-Free - shaman, author, custodian of ancestral wisdoms
Lorraine Recchia - angel communicator, angel reader, television host
Eva-Maria Mora - medical intuitive, author, founder Quantum Angel Healing
Susie Anthony - spiritual mentor, super-luminal guide channeler
E.Dee Conrad - channeler, bestselling author of A New Dawn Awaits
Celia Fenn - Channel for Archangel Michael, spiritual facilitator, writer, speaker

When you register for the telesummit, you'll also find out how you can receive a collection of beautiful free gifts from dozens of Gaetano's friends and colleagues when you buy Gaetano's book Messages from the Angels of Transparency on March 20th.

To register for this uplifting, FR*EE telesummit, and to find out about the book and the gifts, just fill in the form at

You can also submit questions for Gaetano or any of our special guest panellists on that page.

If you cannot attend the live event, register anyway so you can access the audio replay.

I do hope you'll join us on the Accessing Higher Dimensions Telesummit on March 13th-15th, and that you'll check out Gaetano wise and wonderful book Messages from the Angels of Transparency.

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