Monday, February 6, 2012

This Week's Podcast Guest: Leon Halfon

It is not often we meet someone who has, not only complete confidence in himself, but a true understanding of this adventure we call life. It is even rarer that we meet someone who came to these realizations before the age of ten. Leon Halfon is one of those people, and it was truly a delight to speak with him about his book, The Mathematics of Life.

Leon would say his philosophy comes down to the difference between "believing" and "knowing". Born on the island of Djerba to a religious family, Leon learned his fair share of dogma as a child. But he had little reason to question it until the age of 7, when a horrible car accident left him paralyzed.

Leon spent months in agonizing pain, and many thought he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But then he had a miraculous experience that showed him another way of living. He taught himself to walk again, climbed out his wheelchair, and never looked back. Since then his life has been one adventure after another, and now he has written The Mathematics of Life to show others that they too can live the life they want.

Tune into the WITS Podcast this Friday to learn more about Leon's inspiring journey!

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