Friday, February 10, 2012

Join Us for an Interview with Author and Adventurer Leon Halfon

Leon Halfon is a very busy man. After all, life is short, and each day brings a new adventure for him to pursue. So it was a real treat that he slowed down long enough to discuss his new book, The Mathematics of Life.

The book chronicles Leon's amazing story, beginning with his early childhood on the island of Djerba and the horrible accident that left him paralyzed at the age of 7. He spent months in a wheelchair, angry at life, until a miraculous experience changed him forever. With a fortitude uncommon at any age, he overcame his paralysis and went on to live life on his terms. This meant joining a circus, working as a stuntman, and now, sharing his story to inspire others.

Sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, the book dares us to do the most difficult thing of all: challenge what we have been taught by our families, governments and religions in order to discover our own God-given potential.

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Like what you heard? Go to to buy the book or read Leon's blog. The Mathematics of Life is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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