Friday, April 15, 2011

WITS Tip of the Month on Microsoft Word

By Yvonne Perry

Word can create a table of contents that always has the correct page numbers. You must first set heading 1, heading 2, and heading 3 using styles. These choices are the white boxes found on the upper right hand portion of your toolbar. You must be under the Home tab to see these boxes.

After you have assigned styles to your headings, go to References and click on the Table of Contents icon on the far left side of your toolbar. Select an automatic table. If you make changes in your document, you may update your table by right-clicking your mouse somewhere inside the table and selecting “update field.” Then, you have a choice of updating just the page numbers or the entire table.

Starting this month, I will be teaching classes on the advanced features of Microsoft Word . The fee is only $25 per half-hour teleclass. The classes are conducted by telephone as you sit in front of your computer and work through the exercises while I lend instruction and answer questions. You can take as many or few of the classes as you want.

Instruction is offered on the following topics :

• Tracking changes and adding comments

• Working with styles

• Adjusting paragraph spacing, setting the space between paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists; sorting a list of text;

• Highlighting, changing font types, colors, and modifying text for bold, italic, underline, superscript, and subscript.

• Inserting and formatting page numbers, headers, footers (basics)

• Creating section breaks between chapters (advanced)

• Using format painter, clipboard, hyperlinks, and bookmarks

• Keyboard shortcuts and recording macros

• Formatting pictures, shapes, and graphics

• Inserting and formatting tables

• Setting margins, page size, backgrounds, watermarks, and borders

• Working with WordArt, clip art, drop case, and text boxes

• Research, lookup, synonyms, language

• Indexing

• Auto Summary

If there is a topic you want specific help with, I will work with you individually by the hour or half-hour. Email me to arrange a private or group phone session.

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