Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Editor's Corner August 2010

Welcome to another hot issue of Writers in the Sky E-zine. Hot? Yes, Nashville—the home base of WITS and this e-zine—has experienced the hottest summer temperatures on record for June and July. I enjoyed two nice retreats to Nashville Shores water park with my grandson to cool off!

WITS is pleased to announce that we now have a monthly opening in Jan Darpan Magazine dedicated to informational articles and pieces about authors, businesses, books, and services that are of interest to the Jan Darpan community of subscribers. Jan Darpan is a free monthly magazine that publishes information and articles of interest to the South Asian and local community both online and in-print versions. It is available in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi , North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and other neighboring states. It is also being mailed out free across the United States to subscribers. Articles will be written by WITS for interested clients and will be placed in the magazine as space is available on a monthly basis. If you are interested in this unique marketing opportunity, please contact Vonnie Faroqui (WITS author's assistant) for price and information.

Dr. Caron Goode and I are enjoying our collaboration to help adults understand kids who see ghosts. We are finding that not only are more and more children gifted with spiritual sight, many are retaining this ability in their teen years and adulthood. Caron and I have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/KidsWhoSeeGhosts where you may share your ghost stories and find community with other parents.

My new podcast, We Are One in Spirit, has been well received with over 1,200 hits per month. We've had a variety of guests speaking on topics such as life after death, the shifting of collective consciousness, personal transformation, oneness, feng shui, and moving past religion to find spiritual attunement.

Two of my grandsons celebrated their first birthday this summer. Liam and Jonas both had a smashing good time as you will see in this photo of them eating cake at their birthday parties. Both boys are taking their first steps toward walking. I am looking forward to spending a week in August with my step-daughter, her fiancé and their son who will be a year old in October.

This issue of WITS E-zine was proofread by our WITS team member and editor Dianna Calareso. I appreciate your contributions to make this a community e-zine.

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