Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are You Ready to Build Your Business Like You Mean It?

You have incredible gifts - no doubt about it! I know that it can be frustrating that entrepreneurs like you sometimes struggle to make money, attract clients, create partnerships, set up a winning team & spend time with Spirit. It can be such a challenge and somewhat disheartening at times when what you do has such an impact on the world.

Join Amethyst Wyldfyre and a select group of her friends, colleagues & mentors for the Six Figure Speakers Summit September 15th - 23rd. You can learn from the best of the best and immediately put their secrets and their not-so secret strategies and techniques into ACTION for your business.

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This Summit Is For You If:

• You are burning with desire to serve

• You are already established in your business

• You know that there is so much more to learn

• You are looking for a proven clear way or map that will help you to navigate the sometimes confusing or overwhelming landscape of classes, workshops, trainings, masterminds and mentorships that are being offered out there

• You are looking to HONE your skills in a particular area

• You are ready to uplevel the kinds of conversations you have with colleagues, clients, business partners, or service professionals who are supporting you and your business

• You have or are willing to INVEST, time, energy, money and attention into your growth and the growth of your business

Happily, this event has been designed to reach YOU - the entrepreneur whose pockets may not be quite as "deep" as perhaps a corporation's are! It's an investment that is easy for you and actually it's so reasonable that it's hard to turn down.

Reserve your spot now! Click to learn more.

"See" you there!

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Perry,
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