Friday, January 15, 2010

Using Your Blog as a Marketing Tool

by Suzanne Lieurance

Unlike personal blogs that simply convey information about the writer's day or thoughts about life or certain issues, a blog created to promote your writing and writing services can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

In that case, the blog doesn't need to be ALL about YOU. In fact, the more you post about other writers, writing opportunities, and writing services, the better for YOU.

Why is that, you ask? Well, for one thing, as a writer you want to attract other writers to your blog as well as people who are looking for a writer to write something for them.

Use your blog to show off your writing skills and talents, of course. But also, stop and think about this - How can you best SERVE the people who read your blog? Many times, you can best serve your readers by directing them to information written by and/or about someone else.

Still, your readers will consider you a value source because you provide them with the kinds of information they need, even if you don't write, or directly provide, all of that information yourself. And that will cause readers to come back to your blog time and time again because they know you'll always have helpful information for them. Plus, you won't have to write every single thing for your blog yourself. Some days you can simply post an article written by someone else to your blog.

Search for available articles at article directories like for articles that will help your readers. The other big payback to you for giving information from, and about, other sites and writers will be that those others sites and writers you direct your readers to will be thankful that you sent traffic to their sites, so they'll likely send traffic to yours too.

It's a win-win-win situation. You win, your readers win, and the resources you direct your readers to win.

Suzanne Lieurance is a freelance writer, the author of 22 (at last count) published books, and the Working Writer's Coach. For more tips to help build your own freelance business, subscribe to her free twice weekly newsletter, Build Your Business Write at

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