Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poetry Corner January 2010

Snowflakes in the Air

Snowflakes are melting on my face
as I hold it up to the sky.
They melt on the tip of my nose
like as I go strolling by.

Funny how they don't make a sound
as they fall from high above
to caress my hair and eyelids
like the touch of the man I love.

Snowflakes in the air
Love is all aound us
What more could anyone ask for?
No need to fuss
Lets go play in the snow
like we used to do.

Let the snowflakes land on our faces
and our youth we will renew!


Irene Brodsky
Author of Poetry Unplugged (Outskirts Press)

Bad Time, Sad Time

Hey ole buddy
It’s been awhile
Gimme a hug
Gimme a smile

Uh-oh, your eyes
What’s up with you
Now tell it all
And tell it true

Your Daddy’s sick
Your Mama’s sad
Pain in your eyes
It must be bad

Don’t wait – go now
Cry some, laugh some
Share some prayers
Nothing can help

Do what you can
Listen to him
Just hold his hand
He’ll tell some tales

You’ll share some laughs
Look at scrap books
And time will pass
Can’t stay too long

Just hold them tight
You’ll go back soon
It’s not good-bye
So dear old friend

I’m sad for you
Please let me know
What I can do

Jan Bossing© 2009

Just a Woman?

I command attention, and demand respect
I take what I want, and give what I get
I’m told there’s a fine line between sleazy and sexy.
Radical and racy.
I’m often accused of being just a lady
My love is mistaken as obsession, crying is considered a weapon
Rather than an expression of what I feel inside
Only because I am just a woman
Too fragile to be strong, too emotional to hold on
Too beautiful to have brains, too weak to refrain from
Making a change, or stand for what I believe
So I ask who draws these lines, and define behind which line I should reside?
Remain the same? Play the game? Place blame? Or aim to tame the lame
Attitude of being just a woman. I emerge from existence, with the essence of
Lessons learned, and the proud title of being a Woman I’ve earned.

© Deondriea


A Spark Of Gratefulness
Lights The Eternal Presence
An Act Of Peacefulness
Brings Love To Separation
The Glow Of Thank You
Magnifies A World
Of Beauty

Hal Manogue

Have You Lost Your Mind?

Make up? You say you want to make up.
You’re telling me you didn’t mean to be so unkind.
Wake up! After such a fiery breakup
I think we need a little shakeup.
Baby, have you lost your mind?

You and me are like fire and ice.
We can’t exist together.
We’ve been angry since the day we met.
For us to try and see it through
And brave the stormy weather
Would only bring us oceans of regret.

Move on. It’s time for us to move on.
Let our story play out to the end
And let it unwind.
But you say you want to keep us both in play,
Try to find another way.
Baby, have you lost your mind?

There’s no need to disagree.
The answer should be crystal clear.
I don’t know why you can’t see
The only way we should go from here.
But there you stand with your heart in hand
And I am trying hard to find
The words to make you understand the truth…
Baby, have you lost your mind?

Dennis S Martin.
Website: www.iwritesome.com
Blog: http://www.iwritesome.blogspot.com/.
Storefront: www.lulu.com/dsmartin

The Shrine
Deep within the heart of the city of San Antonio,
Stands a national shrine called the Alamo.
Behind its aging walls, gallant men fought and died,
For the preservation of Texas Liberty.
If only those wall could speak,
Of the legend behind the Alamo;
If the ghosts of the fallen heroes could see
Their efforts were not in vain.
If Bowie, Crockett and Travis could return
To see Texas, proud and free.
Resplendent in their battle regalia,
To know and treasure it would be,
To see those brave warriors
Who gave their all in this old
Spanish mission called the Alamo

Joseph A. Zapalac-is a native born Texas, born on July 4, 1938. His love for writing began early in life and his passion for writing gives him the ability to creatively paint vivid scenes with pen and paper, allowing the reader to revisit yesteryear.
www.outskirtspress.com/memoriespast http://www.writingpartnersjova.blogspot.com/

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