Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poetry Corner October 2009

Remembering Sara

By Gail Livesay

You Sleep
You were barely three.
I watched you climb the hill
to Grandma’s back yard—
new puppies there.

The puppies tumbled to meet you.

You took them home, whispering,
“I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Still a child, God called you home.
I see you now shaded by a beautiful tree.

I hear your laughter,
delighted with puppy kisses,
gentle leopard’s paw brushing your hair,
lion licking your feet.

My Sara fast asleep.

Walking Backward and Levitating Birds

make way through the dreamscape of life.
Trapped on the escalator, with hearty laugh
and wonder what has happened in the end.
The team has fumbled, which is sad enough
even if there were a game when there is none.
Who painted this momentous landscape here
in which all failures and fortunes disappear?
Beyond the realm of life there lurks only
this, the all too seductive realm of thought.
Gravity holds me in its stead
where all things bend and time reverse.

(c) 2009 by Kenneth Weene

All This Carrying On

by Dennis S Martin

For just one minute I turn my back, and
Walk out of the room.
I come back to a huge disaster
Sounding like a sonic boom.
The whole room’s lost all its sanity
And no one knows just where it’s gone.
Time to put an end to this feuding and fighting,
And all this carrying on.

3 AM is a time for quiet,
A time for reflection and sleep.
Especially for a working man
Who has obligations to keep.
Then some damn fool tries to raise a ruckus
And party til the morning sun.
It’s clear somebody’s got to shut him down,
And all this carrying on.

You and me sometimes disagree,
We let common sense slide.
We say things that we both don’t mean,
Leaving reason aside.
But it’s okay at the end of the day.
It doesn’t matter who won.
We work it out when we finally stop
All this carrying on.

Dennis S Martin

Website: http://www.iwritesome.com/
Blog: http://www.iwritesome.blogspot.com/
Storefront: http://www.lulu.com/dsmartin

End of Goodbye

He kissed the inside of my wrist; I touched his hair.
Then we just walked away ‘cause we couldn’t go there.

He was getting married, and I was leaving town.
His wedding date was set; I couldn’t hang around.

I had some guy friends before, but he was the best.
We had always been closer than all of the rest.

There were no words, not even a smile.
I took a step, it felt like a mile.
There were no words; there could be no words.
No more tears at the end of goodbye.

Ten little steps; and then I looked back.
He was just standing there, watching me.
Then I raised my hand; he shook his head.
And this was the way it had to be.

There were no words, not even a smile.
No more tears at the end of goodbye.

Jan Bossing © 2009, Joelton, TN

Energetic Words

Words Are Energy
They Vacillate In Formlessness

Singed Words Dangle On Participles
Of Linear Time
Then Manifest As Emotions

Historic Words Hide
In A Grain Of Sand
As Sea Water’s Memory Drips Into
Forgotten Footprints

A Fearful Sentence Becomes An Iceberg
Locked In A Frozen Paragraph
Of Thoughts

Sliding Off A Cliff Of Senseless Words
A Crack Of Thunder Signals
Its Distortion In An Energetic Display
Of Consciousness

Satellite’s Signal Emptiness
As A Galaxy Trips On Static Sentences
Filled With Slippery Intrusive Words
In A Comet Made Of Metaphors

Another Planetary Gear Disengages
In Hyphenated Splendor
As A Word Tastes A Black Hole Of Silence
While Trapping Light In A Display
Of Solar Gases

Words Become Vibrations
When A Self Meets Psychological Time
In Another Reality


by Irene Brodsky, author of Poetry Unplugged (Outkirts Press)
Twenty years ago, we said, “I do”
My wedding ring still fits
I still wake up next to you
with your arms around me
My hair is still blonde
thanks to Clairol #37
You still warm up my heart
when I gaze into your eyes of blue
Twenty years ago, on our wedding day
you said you loved me
I said I loved you
We meant it then We still do!

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