Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Editors Corner October 2009

Have you had your flu shot? That seems to be the question of the month. After waiting in line for three and a half hours, I learned that the vaccine is not fully effective for two weeks after injection. Well, I got mine just days before boarding a crowded airplane headed for the Caribbean. We traded our Florida RCI timeshare week for an all-inclusive one-week stay in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. Our vacation was fabulous, and I highly recommend the Paradisus Palma Real.

Boy, do I have a story about my Sid book's ISBN. I'm using Lightning Source (LS) to print the book and the ISBN I gave them was available on my list/log at Bowker.com. After ordering my proof, I went to Amazon to see if my Sid book had been submitted, and guess what? The Sid book ISBN brings up my book on death and afterlife. In fact, my death and afterlife book has two ISBNs! I've emailed LS, Booksurge (who published my first book), Bowker, and Amazon. If Booksurge will release the ISBN, I can still use it on the Sid book and not have to pay $80 to upload new files to LS. I’ll let you know how it turns out. By the way, I’m looking for bloggers who are interested in posting an article, interview, or excerpt from the Sid Series. Let me know if you need free material for your book, publishing, or children-themed blog.

My step-daughter, Ryah, and her fiancĂ©, Fred, are the caboose in the four-boy train of newborns being delivered to our family this year. Their son, Payton, is due in a matter of weeks. By the way, did you see the Chicago Bears quilt I made for him? While we’re sharing photos, you might like to see who the stork has brought us so far in 2009.

I’ve been mentoring Michelle McPeters in my writing class on starting a freelance writing business. The first assignment was to write her own bio using a list of questions I gave her to work from. Check out her bio. She did a great job, don’t you think? If you would like more information about the classes I teach, please let me know.

If you need a professional eye to review your term paper or English essay before submitting it to your professor, WITS team member Sarah Moore is offering academic editing and one-on-one tutoring for college and high school students. Sarah is a former high school and college teacher who has taught courses in research and writing. While she can help you make your college or graduate school application essay as strong as possible, she will not write the paper for you. She will mark all spelling and grammar errors as well as offer extensive comments and suggestions concerning the structure and overall quality of your writing.

I’ve been working with Allison Maslan on her January book launch for Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality. The book outlines a clear-cut guide to infuse prosperity into your own career or business, finances, relationships, health, personal fulfillment, and spiritual life. Anyone who purchases Allison’s book on January 19, 2010 will get some awesome thank you gifts. If you would like a reminder to know when the book is available, you may register your interest and see a list of the gifts at http://www.myblastoff.com/booklaunch/. Feel free to let others know how they can participate and get these great prizes.

This issue of Writers in the Sky E-zine has some informative articles that I think you will enjoy. Thank you, Barbara Milbourn for proofreading this issue.
If someone forwarded this issue to you or if you stumbled upon this Web page, you may get your own subscription for free!

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