Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Editor's Corner August 2009

Fifteen days after my daughter gave birth to her son, my daughter-in-law, Amanda, gave birth to her baby at 4:58 p.m. on July 9, 2009. He weighed seven pounds and seven ounces. Baby Jonas and his mommy are doing well. My son, Zeb, is the proud father; my 8-year-old grandson, Sidney (for whom the Sid Series of holistic children’s stories is written), is the loving big brother. Here’s a photo of both families, and here is a photo of both boys side by side. Our family will continue to grow as my step-daughter is due to deliver her son in October.

WITS team member and author's assistant Sarah Moore had her baby about five weeks earlier than expected, which means 6-pound-8-ounce Ian Charles has joined our WITS team! (See photo.) Sarah, being the tech-savvy businesswoman that she is, was texting and posting progress reports during her labor and was sending emails checking on clients the day after delivery! I was impressed, to say the least.

Speaking of the Sid Series, I have my account at Lightning Source set up and ready to print the book containing all twelve stories once the illustrations are complete and I get the formatting finished for upload. Nine of the individual e-books are already available as e-books on my Web site. They are only $3 each. The entire collection of stories will soon be available as a single e-book. Erin Chavez with ebookarma.com has agreed to be an outlet for the e-books.

From time to time, I like to update folks on the projects I’m working on. In July, I’ve been editing a 100,000-word memoir and whittling it down to size, proofreading a book about quadriplegia, rewriting text for the Web site of an author’s metaphysical book, writing articles for a stem cell company, writing articles and Web text for a medical equipment company, writing a foreword for a friend's book, writing a proposal for Angela Grett's second book (on military families), editing articles for a chiropractor in Atlanta, writing text for a real estate brochure, writing a introductory letter for Bernice Burns (RE/Max realtor), evaluating a business book for a new client, conducting podcast interviews, and editing an e- book for Dana Lynn Smith titled Texas Book Marketing Handbook. How may I help you with your writing, editing, or book marketing project?

Thank you for being part of our writing community. Remember to send me your writing-related announcements to be included in next month’s issue of Writers in the Sky E-zine. I appreciate your contributions.

Here's thanking Sarah Moore and Barbara Milbourn for proofreading and editing the text. Also thanks to Katie Perry, my step-daughter-in-law and virtual administrative assistant, for her help. Without these talented girls, I would be lost!

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