Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writers in the Sky Podcast Guests Offer Tips on Book Marketing and a Scenario for End of the World! for August 2009

This month on Writers in the Sky Podcast, Yvonne Perry will be interviewing several guests who are experts at book marketing. She and her guests: Lynn Serafinn, Lillian Brummet, and Pam Perry will share tips to help authors who need more information about how to promote their books. Lynn will also give insight on how to find peace within one’s self. That information may come in quite handy in the middle of the month when Sarah Moore hosts Jimmy Root to discuss his end-of-times thriller, Distant Thunder!

Lynn Serafinn will be Yvonne Perry's guest on August 7 to discuss her book about becoming whole The Garden of the Soul: Lessons From Four Flowers That Unearth the Self. Give-Receive-Become-Be are four spiritual principles that provide a model for flow, balance, and deeper connection both within oneself and with others, to restore overall wellbeing and increase our joy. Lynn Serafinn is a personal transformation coach, teacher, motivational speaker, talk radio show host, and Amazon bestselling author, whose power to inspire and help people reconnect to themselves is widely acclaimed. Lynn is also an excellent book marketer and will share tips with our listeners.

On August 14, Sarah Moore will interview Jimmy Root about his book, Distant Thunder, which is part of the Lightning Chronicles Trilogy. What would happen if the entire world turned on Israel? This thriller provides the answer in a fast-paced read, filled with all the action and adventure that usually accompanies the end of the world. Jimmy is a longtime pastor, a student of Bible prophecy, and the host of "The Bible Uncensored," a radio broadcast aired in various regions of the country. See
for more information.

Join Lillian Brummet on August 21 as she is the guest of podcast host Yvonne Perry. These two book marketing experts will discuss Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd. This e-book is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. Purple Snowflake Marketing provides reassurance and ample advice for avoiding pit-falls and setting a pace for marketing endeavors. Authors of most genres will find this an inspiring essential component for marketing their book in a way that suits their unique situation. See for more information.

We bring the month to a close on August 28 when Pam Perry is interviewed by Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. Pam Perry is known as the "PR Guru" and "Marketing Whiz" by the national media and is one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Perry’s rise in the world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. She is the owner of Ministry Marketing Solutions. She will be sharing some book marketing tips and letting listeners know how she can help authors formulate a successful marketing plan.

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