Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule for March 2009

Here is the schedule of guests who will be appearing on WITS podcast in March.

March 6

Shayn Cutino shares her book, The Anja Technique, the Art of Self Love with podcast host Yvonne Perry. Shayn is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a member of the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, the International Hypnosis Research Institute and the International Hypnosis Federation. She has discovered that the missing connection between each person and a productive life is the relationship they have with themselves. Shayn developed the Anja Technique to teach individuals how to love themselves and overcome the multitude of obstacles that attempt to block them from achieving a well rounded life.Purchase on

March 13

Yvonne Perry will host the show and interview Patricia Milner as she discusses her book, Divine Intervention, and how her psychic gifts have affected all areas of her life. Patricia is an international psychic medium, Reiki master, spiritual teacher and trainer who has been psychic since birth. Her spiritual retreats guide people through life’s changes and challenges by helping them with their spiritual growth and development. She also uses her music and singing voice to create her own meditation music. Read more or purchase on

March 20

Jennifer Chase talks about her great fiction suspense thriller, Compulsion. Jennifer holds a bachelors in police forensics and a masters in criminology. Her curiosity in the psychological aspect of crime drives her to write. Sarah Moore will be the host for this show. Purchase Jennifer's book on

March 27

Sarah Moore will interview Christina Sponias as she present her e-book, Craziness Prevention, which contains her own theory for interpreting dreams and teaches people how to solve problems based on guidance received from the unconscious mind. Christina continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche by simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation. Through her writing, she teaches you how to translate the exact meaning of your dreams so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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