Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Author's Corner March 2009

Welcome to another issue of Writers in the Sky Newsletter. Our subscriber base continues to grow and our community is becoming even closer knit thanks to your participation in our Friday the thirteenth Poetry Chapbook. I’ve received some wonderful comments about the lovely e-book that our graphic designer, Jessica Dockter, put together with all the terrific poems you sent us. You may download the chapbook as a PDF from our Web site at http://writersinthesky.com/WITSChapbook09.html.

Last month, I mentioned that three of our five children are expecting babies, and that both my daughter Sareya, and my step-daughter-in-law Katie (the administrative assistant for WITS) are having boys. We now know that my daughter-in-law Amanda is also having a boy. But, wait! There’s more! My step-daughter Ryah just joined the baby club, which means four of our daughters are expecting babies this year! But, wait! There’s more! Sarah Moore, the author’s assistant for WITS, is due in August, which means she and Katie are helping WITS grow its future team members!

And, speaking of family, did either of your parents serve in the armed forces? Angela Grett and I are looking for people who were raised in military families to
take our survey and give us input about your family dynamics. We plan to compile and use the answers to write a book to help unite civilian and military families with a better understanding of this unique culture. All answers will remain confidential.

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