Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Writers’ Podcast for March Will Examine the Many Amazing Powers of Our Minds

Writers in the Sky Podcast Guests Share Their New Books Concerning Hypnosis, Psychic Abilities, Criminal Mindsets, and Reading Our Dreams

Nashville, TN, February 25, 2009—The team members at Writers in the Sky just love it when our podcast guests, who are always wonderful, provide a cohesive theme to our month of interviews. This connection helps provide fluidity to our discussions and hopefully allows the listeners to build upon what they hear every week. In March, the four books that will be featured on our podcast each offer insight into the amazing complexity and power of the human mind. We will begin the month with an author who uses hypnosis to help people find love and self-acceptance. Next, we will speak with an author who has experience as a psychic and how she came to accept that gift. Our month continues with an interview about a new thriller novel, in which readers learn about both the criminal mind and the keen insights of those who protect and serve. Finally, we will close out March with a fascinating discussion about dream interpretation and how this skill can create a better life.

On March 6, Yvonne Perry will be interviewing Shayn Cutino about her new book The Anja Technique. Shayn is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who has discovered that the missing connection between each person and a productive life is the relationship they have with themselves. Shayn developed the Anja Technique to teach individuals how to love themselves and overcome the multitude of obstacles that attempt to block them from achieving a well rounded life. During her interview, Ms. Cutino will discuss her five-step process and how it can be used for the specific issues that are hindering your life. Purchase The Anja Technique through Amazon.

Our next interview, on March 13, also will be hosted by Yvonne and will feature the book Divine Intervention by Patricia Milner. The author will discuss how her psychic gifts have affected all areas of her life. Patricia is an international psychic medium, Reiki master, spiritual teacher and trainer who has been psychic since birth. Her spiritual retreats guide people through life’s changes and challenges by helping them with their spiritual growth and development. She also uses her music and singing voice to create her own meditation music. Divine Intervention can be purchased through Amazon.

Sarah Moore continues our month of interviews on March 20 when she discusses the novel Compulsion with new author Jennifer Chase. Ms. Chase uses her educational background in police forensics and criminology to bring amazing details to her thriller. In Compulsion, Chase creates Emily Stone, a woman who works anonymously to track pedophiles and killers and then bring them to justice. When Emily herself becomes the hunted one, the mind games increase with the tension. Chase found that her curiosity about the psychological aspects of crime inspired her desire to write, and that passion comes through in the characters she develops in her novel. During her interview, Chase will discuss the role that psychology plays in investigating crime scenes and how she unfolded the striking personalities in her novel. Please visit Outskirts Press to learn more about Compulsion and Jennifer Chase.

Our last interview of the month will be on March 27 and will feature Christina Sponias and a discussion of her new e-Book, Craziness Prevention. This book contains Sponias’ own theory for interpreting dreams and teaches people how to solve problems based on guidance received from the unconscious mind. Christina continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche by simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation. In her interview with Sarah Moore, Ms. Sponias will share how learning the techniques for translating the exact meaning of your dreams will allow you to find health, wisdom, and happiness. Please visit Christina Sponias’ website to learn more about the author and her publications.

“Once again, we are excited to offer our listeners an entertaining and thoughtful group of authors,” shares Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “I look forward to the insight that each writer will offer into the amazing complexity of the human mind!”

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