Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule February 2009

February 6

Sarah Moore, author’s assistant for Writers in the Sky, will be interviewing Irene Brodsky about her new book Poetry Unplugged. Ms. Brodsky is a recent, sixty-two-year-old graduate of Brooklyn College and Poetry Unplugged is her first book of poetry. In this collection, she shares freestyle poetry that reflects on childhood experiences, everyday observations, and her life in Brooklyn. As Ms. Brodsky shares on the back of cover of the book, “Just step inside to find something for everyone!” Listeners will learn about the inspiration behind Brodsky’s poetry, her method for writing, and reasons that she chose to return to school and pursue writing at this stage in her life. For more information about Poetry Unplugged and Ms. Brodsky, please visit

February 13

As we enter into this Valentine’s weekend, Dodi Elhalogy will be our podcast guest to discuss her book The Secrets of Dodi’s Home Cooking. Perhaps listeners will be inspired to cook a nice meal for that special someone! Mrs. Elhalogy was raised on an estate in a small Egyptian village. Since her father was mayor of the province, many important social events were held in their home. By helping her mothers and sisters prepare for these functions, Mrs. Elhalogy mastered the art of Middle Eastern cooking and is now showcasing her family’s traditional recipes. During the interview with Sarah Moore, Mrs. Elhalogy will share more about how her family background prepared her for this book, the health benefits of the recipes she included, and how the book is formatted to include cultural and culinary details. For more information about Dodi Elhalogy and The Secrets of Dodi’s Home Cooking, please visit

February 20

This week’s podcast interview takes a serious turn as Sarah Moore discusses the new book My Name is Michael with author Thomas Pompeo. Mr. Pompeo spent two years in China absorbing the culture and learning as much as possible from its people. Along the way, he discovered a horrible trend of children being forced to beg in the streets. He decided to create the fictional story of My Name is Michael to shed light on a very real problem. Mr. Pompeo’s interview with Writers in the Sky will focus on how he gathered the material for this novel and the risks he took in doing so. Listeners also will have the opportunities to learn more about the characters developed by this first-time author and the process he used to share this story in the most effective manner possible. Those who wish to learn more about My Name is Michael or its author can visit

February 27

To end our month of podcasts, Writers in the Sky offers an interview with a new author whose first offering is both a hilarious page-turner and a smart social commentary. Davis Aujourd'hui will be discussing The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude with Sarah Moore. This novel, the first in a series, centers around a hard-drinking, chain smoking nun who shares the latest gossip on the colorful personalities in her town while doing her best to refrain from judgment on their behavior. As readers quickly learn, even those who portray an air of perfection have some ridiculous flaws. Through Sister Mary, we all learn about acceptance of others who live on the fringes of traditional society. Mr. Aujourd’hui will discuss the messages he tries to impart through Sister Mary and how they stem from lessons learned in his own life. Listeners also will learn what they can expect from the future books in the series. Please go to to learn more about The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and Davis Aujourd’hui.

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