Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poetry Corner January 2009

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Rodeo Hearts

Wild and free
Like a mustang running ‘cross the open plains,
You and me
Diving headlong screaming through a ring of flame.
And we never stop to wonder if
It all might fall apart.
We just ride that raging bull with our rodeo hearts.
Eye to eye
Is what we see when we are in the here and now.
No goodbye.
Wouldn’t want to face the future anyhow.
And we’ll ride this bronco to a place
Where reason soon departs,
Living out our dreams right now with our rodeo hearts.
Reaching out and reaching onto every crazy dream,
Making no excuses on the way.
Filling up our senses til they’re bursting at the seams,
We brave the night until the break of day.
Until then
There is no denying what we have to do.
It would be a sin
If we stopped right now and didn’t see it through.
So we take our winnings and we say a prayer
As the wisdom soon departs.
We’ll just keep on riding high on our rodeo hearts.

Dennis S Martin


Twisting Through The Aggressive Rubble
A Crazy Thought Becomes
A Belief In Magical Motion

Fumbling Around Space
A Crazy Tool Bag
Becomes History

Crazy Car Magnets
Attract Energy
In A Congress
Filled With Matter Less Debris

Blank Shelves Carry
A Crazy Carcass To Market
As Wall Street Asks For A Spoon

Insurance Dips Into Empty Pockets
Of Ethics
As Crazy Bankers Step On Their
Own Tails Crying, “Balance Now Due!”

A Collection Of Socialist
Find Peace
Crazy On The Steps
Of Kat Man Due

Crazy Ice Melts In Daylight
As A War Jumps
Over The Moon
Landing In A Sinking Garden
Of Sense Less Ness

Life Becomes A Torrent
Of Craziness
As Love Hangs Its Shingle
In Change

Confused I Find Crazy
Where It Is Born

As I Cry For Joy
You Kiss My Mind
And I See
The Beauty Of Craziness
In You

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