Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Podcast Schedule January 2009

January 16

Sarah Moore, author’s assistant for Writers in the Sky, will be talking with author Charles Tillinghast about his new book How Capitol Got the Beatles. Tillinghast worked for fifteen years as the head of the Law Department of Capitol Records, including the time during which The Beatles were signed with the label. He shares inside information about how the contract with The Beatles almost did not come to pass, who really discovered the Fab Four, and how strains in personal relationships caused problems with the band’s contract negotiations. Tillinghast puts aside his training in legal writing to create a book that is easily understood by the casual reader and has prepared a must-read for any Beatles fan. Listeners will enjoy some fascinating stories about John, Paul, George and Ringo as well as valuable information concerning the record industry in general. Purchase on

January 23

Writers in the Sky’s very own Yvonne Perry will conduct a special interview with author and publicist Pam Lontos. Ms. Lontos is president of PR/PR, a public relations firm that gets experts, authors, and speakers into the media. She previously held the position of vice-president with Disney-owned Shamrock Broadcasting. She recently earned the great honor of being named “Publicist of the Year” by BPSC. Ms. Lontos will be discussing her new book I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow Your Fame, Wealth, and Success. Detailing information that is certain to be important to all aspiring authors, Ms. Lontos’ book includes how to get your name into media, prepare for an interview, and create a winning press release. She also shares the most common publicity mistakes. This is a must-listen interview with a professional who excels in her field. For more information about Pam Lontos, please visit her business website at Purchase this book on

January 30

MaAnna Stephenson rounds out our fantastic podcast guests for the month of January. Ms. Stephenson will be interviewed by Yvonne Perry to share some information concerning her Just the FAQs eBook series. Blogs, written both for professional and personal purposes, are becoming increasingly sophisticated and instrumental in how we gather information. Do you need to learn how to create and customize your own blog? How do you submit articles to the right directories that are certain to drive traffic to your website or blog? How do you best get your blog content to potential and current readers? Billed as the “Online Marketing Resources for Non-Geeks,” the four offerings include new eBooks on blogs, RSS feeds, Web sites, and articles. Ms. Stephenson will share with our audience how her clear and colorful texts can help any aspiring blogger. For more information about MaAnna Stephenson and her eBook series, please visit

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