Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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My Spirituality

By Shawna C. Jones,
Author of Twist of Fate
Thank you for allowing me to blog on this topic today.
Spirituality to me is connecting with something greater than myself. I know there are many definitions, and I won’t even get into the specific religious ones. I believe spirituality and religion can blend, but I don’t consider myself a religious person.

I grew up with no religious beliefs, and I am grateful for that. It allowed me to choose what worked for me, and I didn’t get brain washed at a young age. I didn’t believe in God one way or the other. Perhaps God was invented by humans? If there was no God, would I be okay with that? The journey to finding your own truth may be a long one. But it’s yours and no one else’s.

Like most things in life, spirituality has to be experienced. It can’t be learned from a book or church service. In my book, I had a spiritual experience. It surprised me, since I didn’t expect it and, I don’t know if my mentor knew it would happen or not, but he must have felt I was ready to experience it. 

I would say that my search for my True Home became my spiritual journey. When I describe my home to anyone, they tell me it sounds like Heaven. And yet, I know it’s not Heaven. I don’t even believe in Heaven or Hell, but I do know there exists other dimensions and planets/stars, and even other states of consciousness. My home is a Star system of high frequency. It is called Astellerone (I’m not sure of the spelling). I get homesick just thinking about it. The good news is, I can travel there mentally at any time to be with my family and the wonderful beings that live there. Do I think I can advance even higher than that place? Quite possibly, but I don’t even know if I want to. It’s just too beautiful. And I belong there, which is huge for me.

That doesn’t diminish anyone else’s experience or place of origin. If you’re from Pleiades, Venus, Sirius, or other dimensions, you still shine a bright light on Earth, and help to uplift the planet. Most of us came here with a mission. We want to complete it regardless of what’s on our path. It relates to doing something for the planet or others here, whether to serve (help) others, anchor more light into Earth, honor all creatures (especially animals), or plant more trees. Whatever we do, we are careful to not cause more harm to a planet already in crisis.

I didn’t find my home until I had Chi Nei Tsang massages. We are carrying issues, blockages, and everything else from many, many past lives. We need to get rid of it. As Steve, my masseuse, used to say, “We’re putting more Christ light (Buddha light) into your body.”

I know this is my last life here, and I intend to complete my mission. I will resign from being a planetary healer, as I’ve done this too many times already. It’s someone else’s turn. As for this life, I intend to continue traveling, meditating, healing, and making this planet as bright as it can be. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get.

I hope everyone finds their connection to the Divine, whatever that may be. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Thank you for reading,

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Shawna Jones said...

Thank you Dana for hosting today, both for the interview and the blog post.
And a welcome to all the readers joining us today.

Book Passion for Life said...

What a lovely post! I have to agree, I grew up with no religious beliefs and I'm glad I did. I've done the same for my daughter and I feel she should be able to choose what she wants.

Anonymous said...

I loved Twist of Fate--it is a novel about adventures, both in terms of travel and personal growth. It's interesting to learn about the spirituality behind Shawna's writing!

Shawna Jones said...

Thank you Book Passion for your comment.

Thank you Anonymous for your compliment. I appreciate it.

collenga said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on spirituality! I was raised Catholic and am still one to this day. My parents were also liberals in they taught me to respect others' beliefs so I keep an open mind ;)

Margaret Hughes said...

I have always had a strong belief in God and my religion, and although I am bringing my children up with my faith, it will be up to them to choose their own path once they are old enough to decide what and how they believe. Faith is a very personal thing, and I believe it is different for everyone.

Mary Preston said...

A very interesting cover.

Karen Dailey said...

I enjoyed Shawna's post. I cannot imagine my life without spirituality and she's can learn just so much in church, spirituality is something you have to open yourself up to experience. I call it faith.

poisnivyred said...

great post, I'm really looking forward to this book. My faith is important to me as well.