Friday, January 18, 2013

Join Us for a Conversation with Author and Law of Attraction Expert Zaheen Nanji

It is my pleasure to welcome author and wellness coach Zaheen Nanji to the WITS podcast. Zaheen is one of twelve wellness experts from the U.S. and Canada who authored Unlock the Power of YOU: 12 Steps to Health, Happiness and Success. Specifically, she discusses her chapter, Attracting Your Ideal Weight. Zaheen is also certified in the Law of Attraction and owner of the Shanti Wellness Centre in Alberta. The Centre provides a host of services, from yoga classes to life coaching, for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Zaheen doesn't just teach these methods, she lives them. As a child, she suffered from a serious stuttering problem that affected every aspect of her life. However once she learned to conquer her fear, stuttering no longer had power over her, and the behavior changed. Today, she is comfortable with interviews and is a sought after public speaker. She also hosts the radio show, Fat to Thin and has created a series of YouTube videos to help people struggling to overcome their weight issues.

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