Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Query Class for Writers

WITS Team Member Kristen House is holding Query Classes for Writers her message is below:

Queries are the one and only way to pitch your manuscript to a literary agent and/or publisher. The query process is complicated and requires a really specific set of skills - both writing and organizing. When I started the query process on my own several years ago, it took me more than 6 months to figure it out. By then, I'd already messed up so many contacts from playing my hand wrong that I had to stop querying and start on a new book! I'm putting together a curriculum now for a 2 day class that would cover all the ins and outs of querying agents. The information is below.

Now, if you'd like to take the class, be sure you can attend both sessions for the whole time. Be sure to bring note-taking implements and/or a laptop computer. Parents, if you'd like to enroll as well, you're welcome to do so. I'm also not segregating middle and high school students from adults for this class. In the publishing world, we're all playing on the same field, so the same rules apply. This class will be taught with the same general Kristen-style enthusiasm, but on a college-level. Bring your A-game, authors!

Also, if you're not ready to query your novel right now but you think you may want to in the future, you should sign up for this session. Why? Because I won't be offering another one for quite some time (Maybe October).

Class Dates:

Saturday, February 11
Saturday, February 18
1:30 - 3:30pm
Cost: $200, Discount of $50 for multiple family members
Location: Parent Resource Room at Abintra Montessori School
Part 1: The query process: what to expect. Parts of the query: writing, drafting, and creating a query portfolio

Part 2: Organizing your query efforts: spreadsheets, email folders, and paper trails. Workshop of participants' query letters.

Be sure to eat lunch before you come, and bring a little snack or a bottle of water if you'd like.

Be sure to register with me ASAP - To hold your spot, I need your name and a 50% deposit via PayPal or check.

Awesome! I look forward to demystifying the process!

Chief Executive Muse
A Novel Idea

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