Friday, February 18, 2011

Hire an Editor to Make Your Message Even Stronger

By Sarah Moore

I am the type of person, admittedly annoying to some, who edits herself in any instance of communication. I proofread my text messages, amend comments I leave on Facebook pages, and sometimes even correct my own mental brainstorming. In my defense, though, I am never one to correct the grammatical errors I read from others. That is, unless they ask me to take up my actual or virtual red pen and transfer my obsession to their work.

I believe that every piece of writing shares the artistry of musical compositions. Its lyrics should have a rhythm and progression that seamlessly present a story to the readers. Every time I edit work for a client, whether it is a short blog post or a 350-page manuscript, I read each paragraph silently and also out loud. I engage all of my senses into producing the best possible work for the author who has trusted me to make his or her personal expression the strongest it can be.

Maybe you have spent weeks or even months reading and re-reading your book manuscript, admission essay for graduate school, article for a professional publication, or Website material. It may be time for a set of fresh eyes to catch the small mistakes and maybe help make your phrasing or dialogue more effective and professional.

You could just need a copy edit, through which I correct errors in spelling, grammar, and mechanics and make notes where there may be a better word choice or a cleaner transition. Or, perhaps a developmental edit can benefit you. In this instance, I will offer a deeper analysis concerning the content of your material and even rewrite sections where necessary.

If you feel that your work could use the eyes of a professional editor, please contact me and let’s discuss how I may be able to help you.

Sarah Moore is the author’s assistant for Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. She has nearly a decade of experience in higher education administration, having worked at University of Maryland, Boston University, and Middle Tennessee State University. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she taught research and writing courses at these institutions. Sarah also taught high school government and history for several years, and always included a strong emphasis on writing in her students’ assignments. Sarah was raised just outside of Washington, D.C., but has called Nashville home for nearly eight years and enjoys life there with her two young children.

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