Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writers’ Podcasts for December Suspend Disbelief.

Writers in the Sky guests will transport the listener into the world of fiction writing.

Nashville, TN, November, 2010— during the month of December Writers in the Sky audiences will enjoy interviews with five fiction authors. December’s guests have written a range of fiction from an espionage thriller, a paranormal romance, to crime, sports and human dramas.

The month of fiction begins with espionage and intrigue. Week two introduces a tale of Druidic magic and romance that transcends the limitations of time. Week three’s author keeps you guessing with a series of murders. Week four carries us onto the Soccer field with a story of sports and human drama. December comes to a close with a poignant story of a father’s struggle to overcome a woman’s betrayal and love his son.

On December 3, Vonnie Faroqui will interview author Olivia Rodan Jacobs about her book, The Poisoner’s Agenda. Set in 1996, Jerusalem during a time of heightened Israeli-Palestinian antagonism and the 3000 year anniversary of Israel’s claim on the holy lands, this is a murder mystery with a twist of espionage. The author shares writing tips concerning character and plot development in historical fiction and how she incorporated historical facts and people into her writing.

On December 10, author of 40 top selling romances, Claudy Conn, comes out of retirement after nine years to present her latest book, Spellbound. This is the first paranormal romance she’s written but it is just the beginning. “What I have done is outlined my series in my head. Each installment will have a new heroine and hero with circumstances that will develop for them alone. The ongoing story will evolve through each of them. Important secondary characters will take part in all of the books.” Claudy continues by sharing that “Writing is a must for me. Inspiration comes from everything, but especially from my hot Irish husband, our incredible daughter and her handsome husband.” Claudy brings a wealth of writing experience, talks about eBook publishing, and romancing the book industry.

On December 17, Author Jennifer Chase makes her third visit to the WITS podcast to discuss her new release Silent Partner. As in her previous two novels, Compulsion and Dead Game, Chase brings her background in forensic psychology to her captivating and chilling writing. Silent Partner features a series of murders and traumatized characters that will have you guessing until the last page. And, the undercurrent running through the entire story is the devoted relationship that exists between humans and their dogs, particularly the trained canines that assist police officers in tracking down the most vicious of criminals. During the interview, Jennifer Chase will discuss why she chose this novel to share her personal passion for dogs and the special bond they offer, how her writing process has evolved now that she is the author of three published novels, and the advice that she wants to give to writers who are preparing to enter the world of publishing and marketing for the first time. Silent Partner can be purchased both in traditional and Kindle format at

On December 24, WITS presents an interview between Garasamo Maccagnone, author of, St. John of the Midfield, and WITS author’s assistant, Vonnie Faroqui. From December 16 through 24, 2010, Mac will be taking a virtual blog tour with Vonnie as his virtual tour manager. The two will talk about Mac’s book and what it takes to put together a great tour. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this incredible author’s experience. WITS will also be hosting a special tour bonus, on December 25, when Vonnie offers a review of Mac’s, For the Love of St Nick; an illustrated short story about two boys who seek the help of St. Nick after the tragic loss of their mother. Visit for a tour schedule, Dec 16, 2010.

The podcast series for December ends on New Year’s Eve in an interview with award winning poet Kevin Hull. Kevin will be sharing writing insights, his publishing experience, and his book, When the Song Left the Sea. This is Kevin’s first full length novel, and Vonnie will ask him questions about the differences and considerations involved in publishing a novel, as compared to poetry. The two will also discuss his choice of themes and the inspiration behind the story.

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