Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule November 2010

On November 5, Vonnie Faroqui will interview author Nicholas Oliva, whose book, Finding God: To Believe or Not to Believe, explores the world of science, religion, and atheism. The book includes the author’s account of his own near death experience. In the interview Oliva shares the considerations and risks involved in writing his book and how he found a publisher for it.

On November 12, author Ron Brown shares his book, How We Beat Diabetes. In an era when challenging the established medical practice and questioning a physician’s healthcare management choices are frowned upon, author Ron Brown dares to share his family’s battle with Diabetes and how they overcame disease. Vonnie Faroqui will ask the author why he felt compelled to write a book sharing his experience with the world.

On November 19, WITS presents the Confessions of an Ex-Gun Dealer, by Ludwig Sawicki. Author and host discuss common perceptions about gun ownership, laugh together at life and situational humor, and reflect on the power of positive thinking. Sawicki will talk about his writing and publishing choices and read an excerpt from his memoirs.

The podcast series for November ends on the 26th in an interview with Grandmother Elsie Spruill, author of Say It: I'm No Bitch, I'm No Ho, and I'm More Than Just Another Vagina. The author loving yet firmly addresses a culture of sexual promiscuity and its impact on today’s youth culture. Join WITS host Vonnie Faroqui as they discuss the motivation for and approach to writing this book, and Spruill’s crusade to help young women value their bodies, their choices, and learn the rewards of developing a healthy sense of self.

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