Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poetry Corner October 2010

Tempus Fugit

You can’t go West,
East, North or
Try, but you can’t
Escape my mouth.
Really, it’s painless.
Don’t attack.
All you just were
You won’t get back!
I come to
Savor and devour,
Munch on your past,
Ingest each hour.
No one’s exempt, and none can flee.
Everything is consumed by me!

Rita Janice Traub

She Buried Her Biker Today
She was an angel, an angel with tears.
And she buried her sweet biker today.
He was a big guy, with a big ole heart.
As all who knew him would just have to say.

Just kids together, they were wild and free.
Their weekends were saved for nonstop riding.
Their friends were bikers, and biker chicks too.
They were loving, living, racing, driving.

Then the years passed by, and time flew away.
They all had babies; they made happy homes.
They felt just as young, but not quite as free.
They all felt restless, down deep in their bones.

The years took their toll; his motor just stalled.
His big, strong spirit just floated away.
She was an angel, an angel with tears.
And she buried her sweet biker today.

The Harleys were there; the Harleys were loud.
All in formation in front of the hearse.
The bikes were thunder; the bikes had a roar.
All along the way, people heard them first.

She was an angel, an angel with tears.
And she buried her sweet biker today.

Jan Bossing © 2010, Joelton; Tennessee


I often wondered which of us would
Ultimately outlast the other
In this snarling war of words where
Reason is a casualty.

Grappling like jungle beasts who know
The tactics of our foe
And seek to slash with razor teeth
All semblance of reality.

Can’t remember who was first,
Don’t recall the reason why,
Only know that it’s been going on
Far longer than it should.

Pass the blame from left to right
To left again, and on it goes.
Don’t know how to stop it
If we should, if we could.

No way to resolve the difference.
No hope to revive.
One moves on and one is left
Struggling to survive.

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The Menu Changer

You need a qualified changer of menus?
I’m an executive looking for work.
I was a manager; then came the merger;
I’d even consider a job as a clerk.
That robot voice says to carefully listen;
your options menu has recently changed.
I pity someone who hits the wrong button;
it won’t be long till they’re fully deranged.
Let me assist you in planning your menu,
so that a caller will know how to choose.
Too many options and too many numbers
changing each morning are sure to confuse.
I know I’d make an adept menu-changer,
keep them consistent for more than a day.
That’s a position I’d like to apply for
though I’m aware I’ll receive lower pay.
What? Changing menus is all automated?
That’s a surprise -- I just hadn’t a clue.
Do you have any more open positions?
Oh, just for robots -- in other words, you!

Rita Janice Traub

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