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Podcast Guests for July 2010

Writers’ Podcasts for July Offers Author Interviews Covering a Variety of Genres from World Travel, to Humorous Fiction, Poetry and Financial Writing.

Writers in the Sky guests discuss books that inspire readers to journeys across planetary landscapes; through realms of human experience; touching the poetic; to end in financial success.

Nashville, TN, June 24, 2010—The team members of Writers in the Sky will be offering a diverse series of interviews for the month of July. The month begins with real life travel adventures and humor to inspire and amuse. The next week brings a guest whose fictional short story anthology evokes both laughter and sadness. July continues with two returning guests and comes to a close with lessons in financial success.

On July 2, WITS owner Yvonne Perry interviews travel author Linda Ballou about writing her book, Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler’s Tales. Linda’s tales span years of traveling—sometimes alone, occasionally with her mother or life partner, and often with others in search of soft adventure. Brimming with action, intelligence, regional history, funny mishaps, or tight squeezes, each story is set against a backdrop of nature’s jaw-dropping beauty. Ballou aims to share her world view, and through her eco-alerts make the listener care more deeply about our vanishing resources and places of wild beauty.

The podcast series continues on July 9, when author’s assistant Vonnie Faroqui interviews Garasamo Maccagnone about his published anthology My Dog Tim and Other Stories. A successful business man and one time politician, Maccagnone left politics to pursue his long time love of writing. With several titles to his name Garasamo Maccagnone’s writing style for the My Dog Tim anthology is darkly humorous and geared for an adult audience. The two will talk about the inspiration behind Maccagnone’s stories, his edgy writing style, the role of faith in his writing and how he develops his characters as well as about difficulties he has faced promoting his most recent work.

July 16, Barbara Fifield makes a return visit to Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss her two new books, Passion’s Evidence and Photographs and Memories. In Passion’s Evidence, Fifield shares a collection of poetry that she has composed over the last twenty-five years, exploring topics such as family, nature, and romantic relationships. Photographs and Memories is a novel that is based on experiences in Fifield’s own life, specifically concerning the illness and death of both her parents and her spouse. Its themes will resonate with anyone who has dealt with the grieving process for a family member or close friend. Barbara Fifield is a veteran writer, having published her work widely in newspapers and literary journals. .

For the second week in a row, the July 23 podcast will welcome back a previous guest when Davis Aujourd’hui sits down with Sarah Moore. Davis first joined the podcast to discuss the release of his book, The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. He is back to talk about the next book in a series featuring Sister Mary, Babes in Bucksnort. In this latest “misadventure,” the town of Bucksnort is all worked up over some visitors who come to town to dole out their own sense of social justice and Sister Mary Olga Fortitude is right in the middle sharing her wisdom about tolerance and inclusion. Mr. Aujourd’hui will be discussing how this new book extends on the themes of his first release and what we can expect next in the series.

The podcast series ends for the month July30, when Vonnie Faroqui interviews author Manuel Showalter about his book, A Blueprint for Financial Success. Find out how Showalter worked his way from being a high school drop-out to attaining financial security and about his desire to help others as he shares his experiences concerning what it takes to be successful financially and a published author.

About Writers in the Sky: Writers in the Sky blog, podcast, and newsletter is a three-fold production filled with information about writing, publishing, and book publicity created by Yvonne Perry as part of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services.

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