Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poetry Corner May 2010

Miss Sophie Catches Bugs
Pamme Boutselis

Miss Sophie
catches bugs, raptor style,
on a murky May

Perched on
the porch, body erect;
her tiny jaw continuously
snaps, easily catching
her prey.

In Memory of Johnny Maestro
(Lead singer of The Crests and The Brooklyn Bridge)

He rose from the streets of The Bronx, New York
to find fortune and fame.
His songs were filled with love and joy
Everyone knew his name.

He gave his life to music
since he was a young boy.
Such beautiful poetic lyrics
for the world to enjoy.

His soul has gone to heaven
to sing for The Lord up above.
A medley of his favorite songs
for the angels to love.

Speak often of Johnny
And his spirit will live in your heart
His music will never die
We will never be apart.

May the Lord bless Johnny's family
May stardust pave their way.
Until that special moment
When they meet again in heaven

Irene Brodsky, author of "Poetry Unplugged" (Outskirts Press)


Apples, he said holding the paring knife,
Slice and mash them
The juice will hold faster

Although I'm holding the buttery spoon
Nothing comes faster than the sugary juice falling off its edges
Like an icicle in the rain.

Unfortunately, this batter turned out too sour
Better to go through the harvest again
Without dulling the knife

I become mismatched between the Granny Smiths
And the right words to convey my thoughts
Red peels - Too delicate

Too wary for the knife's blade
I turn to other thoughts:
The turning of the moistened leaves that bark up another shadow ~
It crisps through time.

Dorit Sasson is a freelance writer, educator and founder and director of the New Teacher Resource Center. Subscribe to receive your free bimonthly e-zine and e-book, Taking Charge in the Classroom when you visit the New Teacher Resource Center at http://www.newteachersignup.com.

A Breath of Life
Gail Livesay

When my life first began
I was all things good and true.
God gave me strong limbs,
and a will of my own.
He has a purpose for my life.

I can see beauty when he has control,
but turmoil when I have gone my own way.

Each time my soul has cries out,
I feel his presence and love.
Now I can give back a breath of beauty.

This Old House

This old house could tell
A hundred million stories.
Every corner holds a secret,
There’s a book in every stone.
There are spirits who
Reside in every hallway
Telling tales that reach
Into the great unknown.

But there’s one story
That is still to be told.
It’s a story of you and me,
And it’s yet to unfold.
I’ve been trying to tell the world
How wonderful it can all be.
Ours is the greatest love
This old house will ever see.

All these memories
That we keep adding onto,
All the days of our love and laughter,
All the nights held in your arms.
How I long for this
To go on for forever
Here in this old house
Where we’re both safe and warm.

And we’ll keep singing
Through the joy and the pain.
We’ll fill every empty room
Though the seasons may change.
Our love will still be strong
And continue to grow.
Ours is the greatest love
This old house will ever know.

More lyrics from Rhythmic Notions by Dennis S Martin
Website: www.iwritesome.com
Blog: www.iwritesome.blogspot.com
Storefront: www.lulu.com/dsmartin

A Writer’s Prayer

Dear God,

We believe that you called us to write; to rip open the curtain of our hearts to allow the world to grasp your love. This is a scary place to be. We feel vulnerable, unqualified and afraid. The obstacles are many, and the experts say that success is a long shot. But, you are the God of long shots, and specialize in impossibilities. We truly believe this.

We ask that you strengthen us, enable us, and anoint us. Open the path through the sea of doubt that stretches before us. The road is long, but we trust that you remain in control and are leading us through it. That is enough for us.

We envision a Promised Land of sorts; of a finished product that glorifies you and touches a life.

So, please show us how to finish this journey. And continue to give us your words to touch your world.

In Jesus Name,

Janet Morris Grimes
ACW Mentoring Retreat, Nashville, TN

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