Thursday, May 13, 2010

Editor's Corner May 2010

by Yvonne Perry

In April, my husband and I took a trip to South Carolina where we enjoyed spending time with our kids and grandkids while school was out for spring break. The last day we were there, the children had to go back to school, so we made a visit to the grandkids' classrooms to share The Sid Series. It was Heart Story day in Keilie's class and I was privileged to be interviewed by about twenty second graders, who then drew a picture and wrote a short story about what they thought of my visit. What a blessing it was to receive the book they made for me, and know that I had touched the hearts of such appreciative children!

I used this time in the classroom to draw upon my teaching skills (I taught preschool and music for many years) to help them define a word that many adults do not fully understand. What does "holistic" mean? I explained the body-mind-spirit concept of healthy living before I read "Old Things New," one of the twelve stories in the book. When I asked the kids to tell me what ways the story showed Sidney using his physical body, thinking brain, and heart of compassion, I was surprised at how well they responded. "Sid used his body to pick up the trash in the neighborhood," one boy said. "He used his brain to sort stuff for the yard sale," another boy said. "He used his spirit to show love to Mrs. Jones and Von-Von," a little girl said. That one nearly brought tears to my eyes!

Oscar Smith and I met at the Donelson Post Office in the fall of 2009. We immediately knew that there was a universal reason to work together. Once we shared our vision, we created a community resource and radio Web site. We hope you enjoy listening to the shows at and will let us help you get your own radio show or podcast started. If you already have a podcast you may list your current show on our site. My new radio show called We Are One in Spirit.

WITS client Tisha Morris starts her book tour May 11, thanks to our new author's assistant, Vonnie Faroqui, who has arranged more than 30 stops in as many days. Tisha has already had a profound impact upon my life. Before I finished reading her book, 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home, or visited her blog, I embarked upon a cleaning and reorganizing frenzy. My laundry room has beeny freshly painted and reorganized, and my office workspace has been totally rebuilt. I guess I should warn you that her book has this kind of effect so you can prepare to get on your work clothes and bring some new energy into your home or workplace!

We had more article submitted this month than I could use in the template. If you contributed an article to this month's issue and do not see it here, please keep a watch on WITS E-zine blog: Barbara, Sarah, and I have been swamped with client editing work lately, so this issue of our e-zine was proofread by my own dear mother. Thanks, Mom!

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Carole Anne Carr said...

How about asking your Mum to proof-read my stuff! Lucky you! :0)

Donna M. McDine said...

Sounds like a terrific experience all around.

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