Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poetry Corner April 2010

Look and Listen and Learn

Animals run from a tsunami wave.
Somehow they seem to know that they can’t stay.
They climb the hills and meet again.
They wait for rain and quakes to end.
Something warns them.

Fisherman watch when the sea falls away.
They know the big wave is coming that day.
They start to run; they don’t look back.
They need courage and lots of luck.
Something saves them.

Cattle in the fields along the highways,
Move out of shadows on cold winter days.
They seek the sun and love the light.
They dread the dark and fear the night.
Something moves them.

Time to quit your job, or go back to school?
Wanta buy a house; wanta make your move?
Trust your feelings and listen close.
Dream for yourself and check your pulse.
Something tells you.

Learn from the creatures.
They seem to know how.
Listen to your heart.
Don’t you dare stop now!

Jan Bossing © 2009; Joelton, Tennessee


The pack neatly set aside.
The lakeside grass bent by
the careful weight of shoes
and rolled socks dry and waiting.
The postcard.
“Wish you were here.”
The lake revealing
“haven’t seen work like this”
only the still indigo sky
“some work of your own”
as though it hardly existed.

David M. Harris

Women of the Congo

Women of the Congo singing
we will never be broken—
brutality rampant babies crying
six nine ten men guns firing
bayonets slicing lives organs
in shreds no place left for love
fragments feebly stitched disease spreading
babies dying beautiful women singing
we will not be broken—
no worth no bride price abandoned
shunned bodies maimed diseased
gang banged cruelty soldiers
seed harvested hateful intent
sing out sing out they cannot take me-
bodies shattered spirit courage
they do not know me

Pamme Boutselis

A Picture of You

My mind’s playing tricks on me
When I close my eyes.
On a pallet of mystery
Arched in subtle surprise,
Fills my canvas of angel wings
And a heart that’s so true.
It all paints a picture,
A picture of you.

I tried for so many years
To find someone who
Would walk with me hand in hand
And make all my dreams come true.
Then the day you came into my life
Was the first day I knew
My mind held a picture,
A picture of you.

Then suddenly I realized
The picture was crystal clear.
I never had to dream you up,
Your image was always here.
From now until the end of my life
No matter what I do,
My heart will hold you close to me
In a picture…
A picture of you.

lyrics from Dennis S Martin's Rhythmic Notions
Website: http://www.iwritesome.com/
Blog: http://www.iwritesome.blogspot.com/
Storefront: www.lulu.com/dsmartin

The Search
 Through mountains, valleys,
wilderness and barren land,
the lone horseman rode his trusty steed,
sometimes through snow and rain.
To these, he was no stranger without rest.
By day or night, the search continued,
undaunted, unafraid in his quest.
A man obsessed. He faced many a danger
through the wild and wooly west.
He knew his day would come,
placing his gunman's skill to the test.
The rider realized he couldn’t return home.
His destiny he could not spurn.
Doing what must be done;
his search would finally end with peace of mind.

By Joseph A. Zapalac


Heavenly raindrops
why must you painfully drop
when hesitation or even stop
could save you from devastation
it could save you from Not

I mean yea its a cycle
and it means an awful lot
but if its the end
as soon as you drop

why not postpone..
... at least until its hot?
then you could just resurrect as fog
instead of being lost
or even worse ... forgot.

Christopher Franko

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