Monday, November 9, 2009

Launching A Holistic Children's Book

I am about to launch my new children's book The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children and I'm inviting you to come along with me to enjoy some fun audios and videos as well as some educational reading.

Every blogger on my virtual book tour will have unique material to post. From how and why I wrote and published the book, to informative articles on spirituality, business, grandparenting, and children, all visitors get to read something new each day as they follow me from blog to blog. Audio clips, YouTube video, book previews, media releases, and radio interviews will be interspersed into the lineup.

Articles include:
  • Children Have Much to Teach Us About Past Lives
  • Dealing with the Death of a Pet
  • Does Your Child Have An Imaginary Friend?
  • Combining Authorship and Free-Lance Writing Business
  • Having My Book Published by Lightning Source
  • How I Self-published The Sid Series
  • How to Skype an Author
  • Out of the Mouths of Babies! Channeling 101
  • Part 1 - Shifting from Misfit to Miss Fit
  • Part 2 - Shifting from Saint to Sinner
  • Part 3 - Shifting from Grand Mal to Grandma
  • Reading of a Book for Kids (and Adults) Who Love Fairies
  • Reading of a Book for Kids Dealing with Pet Death
  • The Crystal Kid Behind the Inspiration for The Sid Series
  • The Teenage Artist Who Illustrated The Sid Series
  • The Writing of a Children’s Book
  • Why I Wrote The Sid Series
  • Young Age Grand-parenting

For a complete list of my tour stops and who will be presenting which article please see

Each story in this children’s holistic (body, mind, spirit) book teaches skills such as following inner guidance, being true to one’s self, or overcoming fear. Modeled after the lessons my grandson, Sidney, these are great for the classroom, young readers, or toddlers being nurtured at home. But they are also great for kids who are showing spiritual intellect and psychic gifts.

For more information about The Sid Series book, see

Yvonne Perry

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