Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Editor's Corner June 2009

Any day now, my daughter will give birth to her first child, a son to be named Liam Owen. I’m sure her audio engineer husband, Scott Kidd, will take plenty of photos and send me video updates as things progress during labor. My excitement is heightened even more by the fact that my son and his wife are due with their second son in July. By the way, Scott is the producer of Janet Riehl’s audio book Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music (See the video of how the audio book was created). Janet will be a guest on our podcast in July.

Speaking of the podcast, we have some very exciting guests this month. There will be four editors: LJ Sellers, Karen Reddick, and WITS’s own Barbara Milbourn and yours truly. We will share tips and insight into grammar, punctuation, writing dialog, word choices, and style guides. Then, we have Joe Lavelle sharing his business book, and Leo Abrami sharing his memoir as a young Jewish boy in France during World War II.

I’ve been a guest on two radio shows recently. Ella Curry, President /CEO of EDC Creations interviewed me on Black Authors Network Radio Show where I read from my humorous book Email Episodes. Jaxx interviewed me on her Blog Talk Radio Show RealTalk~RealWoman. Our topic was Revealing Barack Obama: The Truth About Stem Cell Research. For a list of shows with links to interviews I have done on a variety of topics, see http://writersinthesky.com/yvonne-perry-speaker.html

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